Still Living in Your College Town? This Study Might Make You Rethink That

May is right around the corner and for many college students that means so too is graduation. While most will feel a sense of relief that classes are soon coming to a close, being a college senior is no easy task. Between making sure you wrap up exams and classes at the top of your game to the daunting question of what you’ll do for the rest of your life, soon to be college grads have a lot on their plate. Finding a job fresh out of school doesn’t have to be an impossible feat though. Especially for those living in college towns that offer plenty of good-paying work in their field of interest.
For those of the many computer sciences and IT graduates, finding a good-paying job anywhere in the country won’t be incredibly difficult, even right out of school. Between 2016 and 2026, jobs for software engineers is said to increase by 24% and for IT positions in general, a growth of 13%. There are, however, some college towns that offer the opportunity to make more money than others. The highest paying of those lies 20 miles outside of Boston in Bedford, MA. Schools like Boston College, Harvard, and MIT make it easy for the top tech companies to pay top dollar and offer an average salary of $122,547. Coming in second is Paramus, NJ taking home $120,278 and third, San Jose, CA at $111,893.
If you’re a business or finance major, the Northeast is the spot for you. Norwalk, CT, Lincroft, NJ, and Durham, NH turns out to be the best college towns to make a living, according to a recent study. All three offer average salaries over $100k, with Norwalk taking home the most at $115,250.
When it comes to the top paying town for those in the healthcare industry, we need to shift away from the Northeast and instead turn to the Midwest. Turns out Mequon, WI  is the best college town for med students to find a high paying career, where salaries average $113,229. This is also a great city for sports lovers with the Brewers and Bucks in nearby Milwaukee and the college sport mecca of Madison a little over an hour away. Runners up include Plymouth and Hanover in New Hampshire.
Teachers in several states across the US are notoriously underpaid, but fortunately, that’s not the case for those in New York where the average salary hovers around $80k.  Right behind New York, Juneau, Alaska offers those in the education industry an average salary of over $60k. If you’re a sports lovers though, you should probably opt for the NYC locale. They are too many pro and collegiate teams to even mention here, but sports fans will have a very hard time getting bored here.
Not all college towns are created equal. Depending on what you choose to study and what job you’re hoping to land after graduation will impact how easy it is for you to find a job in your current college town. But don’t be too discouraged if you’re unable to move to one of these higher paying places just yet. College grads currently make 66% more over their lifetime when compared to high school grads, so just having that college degree can make all the difference when it comes to taking home a great paycheck.

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