WATCH: Stephen Colbert Lost Sweet 16 Bet To Charles Barkley, Wears Horrible Tie As Forfeit

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert has been a hit since joining CBS in 2014. He has routinely brought in high profile guests, including NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley. The two made a bet on the Sweet 16 matchup between Barkley’s alma mater Auburn and North Carolina.
With the Tigers winning the game, Colbert had to do the forfeit on April Fool’s Day.

The forfeit from the bet was to wear one of Colbert’s horrible looking ties live on television. Barkley agreed to wear the tie on Sunday if the Tar Heels won, while Colbert agreed to wear it on Monday. The tie was held in a small glass case that was similar to what a fire extinguisher would be held in.
Colbert smashed the glass with a little hammer and took out the tie to wear for his show. He slipped the tie on as it was already done inside the case. Colbert’s reason for betting with Barkley is unknown as the talk show host has no real connection to North Carolina.
Colbert went to high school in South Carolina, but attended Northwestern University for college. He may have decided that it would make the show with Barkley more interesting if they decided to put something on the game.

Barkley is thrilled that his alma mater is playing in its first ever Final Four. The Tigers knocked off blue bloods Kansas, North Carolina and Kentucky en route to Minneapolis, a feat accomplished only one other time in the history of the NCAA Tournament. The Arizona Wildcats did that in 1997 when they won their only national title in school history.
Auburn will have to get through a tough Virginia defense for the chance to play in the national title game on April 8. Barkley will have his Auburn memorabilia with him on set as he prepares for his alma mater’s debut in the Final Four.

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2019 AP All-American Team Headlined By Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett