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NCAA Tournament 2019: How One Man Turned 14 Cents Into $1,300


March Madness always provides crazy stories and this year’s NCAA Tournament is no different. Dan Nigl set the record for the longest perfect bracket in tournament history as he correctly predicted the first 49 games of the tournament. And Kevin Masselli is also profiting off of the 2019 NCAA Tournament as he made $1,300 on a 14-cent parlay, according to ESPN.

The New Jersey native is a special ed teacher with an unorthodox approach to betting. Masselli prefers to bet pennies on massive, long-shot parlays that require a lot of things to go right. He needed to have seven games go right for him in the Round of 32 to win, starting with Wofford-Kentucky.

His massive parlay almost crumbled after the first game as the Wildcats barely beat the 5.5 point spread with a 62-56 win. Wofford’s Fletcher Magee is the NCAA career leader in made three-pointers and did not make a single one against Kentucky. He had an open look with less than 15 seconds remaining, which would have ended Masselli’s parlay.


He did not only bet the lines, but also the number of total points scored in the game. The addition of the point total made the parlay more profitable for Masselli as it adds at least seven factors into the bet. It all worked out in his favor as Masselli gained over $1,300 with only 14 cents.

His massive upswing in profit is similar to someone winning over $950,000 on $100-dollar parlay. Masselli has been doing these types of parlays for most of his life, but most sports bettors do not gamble with pennies. He intends to use his winnings to by his girlfriend Leah DiNardo a wedding ring.

“It’s going to the ring fund,” Masselli said about what he would do with his money.


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