LaVar Ball Reportedly Continues Directing Lonzo's Career

This has been quite the month for the Ball family. If you haven’t kept up with the news, Big Baller Brand co-founder Alan Foster reportedly stole more than $1.5 million from Lonzo Ball through a fraudulent scheme. The Los Angeles Lakers star is now suing Foster for the money he is accused of taking.
With the allegations against BBB, Lonzo seemed to be moving on from his father’s command and his overpriced company. However, according to Yahoo Sports, “LaVar Ball has re-emerged as the shot-caller in orchestrating his son’s next pivotal move.”
This comes at a time when Lonzo is currently looking for a new agent.
ESPN reported that Lonzo and former agent Harrison Gaines mutually agreed to part ways. Lonzo stated, “Harrison has always had my back and although we will no longer be working together after mutually deciding to part ways, our relationship will always be bigger than basketball.”
However, now it looks as if LaVar is spearheading the search committee for Lonzo’s new agent. Per Yahoo, “LaVar Ball has since met with a few NBA agents on his son’s behalf,” but has raised some red flags when discussing Lonzo’s future.
During the process of searching for a new agent, LaVar continues to ask candidates “if the agencies have the power to pair his three sons — Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo — on the same NBA team”
LaMelo is the youngest son and may very well be an NBA prospect down the road, but LiAngelo has a checkered past and is not even close to being considered an NBA prospect. Admitting LiAngelo and LaMelo into the NBA is a hard enough task for agencies, let alone putting them on the same team.
LaVar may need to refocus his goals and stop using his eldest son as a gateway for the younglings. The agency that is hired for Lonzo is going to be crucial for his career. Not only will they have to navigate free agency when Lonzo’s deal is up, but they will play a vital role in securing a new shoe endorsement for the former No. 2 pick.
I understand a father tries to do what best for all of his sons. But LaVar needs to stop using Lonzo’s talents for his personal gain or else his career can be in jeopardy as well.

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