WATCH: Budweiser Honors Dwyane Wade With Amazing Ad (VIDEO)

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade is an NBA legend. The Chicago native is a three-time NBA champion and a 13-time NBA All-Star. Wade has accomplished a lot in his NBA career and was honored with a tribute video from Budweiser ahead of what could potentially be the final home game of his career.
The film did not highlight his on-court accomplishments, but his work off the basketball court. Wade was greeted by five different people who he positively impacted during his time in the NBA.
The final person to speak to Wade was his mother Jolinda.
The video highlighted Wade as a great ambassador for the NBA. His impact on their lives had nothing to do with basketball. Wade’s generosity was explained early in the video when he organized a shopping spree for a family who lost their house in a fire.
His full tuition scholarship helped a young woman graduate from college. Wade also wrote the name of Parkland victim Joaquin Oliver on his shoes after the fatal shooting. His sister Andrea Ghersi told Wade that he was more than just a basketball player.
“You’re not Wade, the basketball player, the legend,” Ghersi said to Wade. “You’re the human being that took the time, and on his own, wrote my brother’s name on his shoe and you cared.”
His conversation with his mother may have been the most emotional of all the people in the video. She struggled with addiction when Wade was growing up. His mother gave credit to her son for helping her beat addiction.
The video ended with a jersey swap, which Wade has been doing all season. The people in the video gave Wade representations of his impact on their lives: a pillow from the shopping spree, a cap and gown from graduation, a blazer worn to a first job interview, Oliver’s old basketball jersey, and his mother’s church robes.
Wade’s historical NBA career is unforgettable, but his generosity to those five people will last a lifetime.

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