Joey Zanaboni: Baseballs Most Entertaining Personality

Baseball is widely considered a boring sport. The games slow pace tends to be bad for television. As the MLB continues to lose viewership, they need answers. One unorthodox answer could be Joey Zanaboni, the play-by-play man for the Division II University of West Florida Argos.
Zanaboni is one of the most interesting personalities baseball has ever seen.
If you don’t trust my claim, just watch his YouTube highlights.

His energetic personality brings out the child in all of us. He’s different, fun, and what baseball needs. Here are some of his classic sayings. “Living in the Gap like an overzealous clothing store employee.” “Doing glovework like he’s building a business on Etsy.” “Defense hotter than a shingles outbreak at a Longhorn Steakhouse.” “Recycling him like the cornstarch utensils at a PETA staff mixer”
However, Zanaboni’s comedic outlook on baseball has a purpose.

He uses his platform and the game of baseball to spread optimism, “relentless anxiety and glorious randomness of this generation.” Someone hire this man. The game of baseball is characterized by random fun, and so are these guys calls.
For The Win describes Zanaboni style of call perfectly. “This feels like what Monday Night Football was hoping for when it put comedian Dennis Miller in the booth so many years ago. Zanaboni’s quips sound like they’re pre-scripted, but — unlike Miller’s on football — they’re genuinely funny, they’re accessible, and they highlight the announcer’s earnest appreciation for the sport.”
We can only hope broadcast networks look into hiring Zanaboni because baseball can benefit from a jolt of energy.

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