Jemele Hill Blasts San Francisco 49ers For Drafting Nick Bosa

Like millions of others, former ESPN SportsCenter anchor Jemele Hill was watching the 2019 NFL Draft on Thursday, April 26. The first round of the draft took place in Nashville, Tennessee, and Hill’s San Francisco 49ers held the No. 2 overall pick.
Unfortunately for Hill, the 49ers took a player that she is not too fond of.
The 49ers decided to forgo any prospect not named Kyler Murray in order to draft Ohio State pass rusher Nick Bosa. Bosa has a very documented history of controversial tweets, including plenty of messages expressing his respect for President Donald Trump and admiration for Conservative firebrand, Candace Owens.
While the tweets were deleted, the Internet never forgets so Hill decided it was time to blast the oncoming NFL rookie.
“Nick Bosa is weak. If you truly believe in what you stand for, you have no problem defending it. Bosa wasn’t just worried about how a city would receive him, he was worried about having to explain himself in the locker room. He wasn’t ready for that smoke,” Hill wrote on Twitter. “… I’m a little uncomfortable with someone who seems to be drawn to white nationalism.”

It’s clear that Hill is enjoying her time away from ESPN where she is now free to express her political views. In the past, Hill got into trouble for her social media commentary but now she is able to speak her mind.
Unfortunately for Nick Bosa, it came at his expense.

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