Nicholls State Football: 2 Players Arrested On Gun & Drug Charges

Two members of the Nicholls State football program have found themselves in trouble with the law. According to WDSU 6 News, 20-year-old ReJean Wright and 19-year-old Kierra Murphy were pulled over for an expired inspection when police found drugs and multiple firearms in their vehicle.
There was also plenty of other evidence that didn’t look good for the duo, but police were unable to link them to any other crimes.
From the report:

Chief Gerald Sticker said the officer found a 9 mm pistol, an AK-style rifle, an AR-style, .22-caliber rifle and spent shell casings. Sticker said officers also found around 100 rounds of ammunition, ski masks, gloves, marijuana and a crowbar.

“With everything we saw, these individuals weren’t going to choir practice,” Sticker said “There is some wrongdoing at some level.”
Both players were charged for drug possession at the time of their booking, while Wright also picked up additional charges for possession of burglary tools.
“We have recently been made aware of the alleged incident,” the university said in a statement. “Mr. Wright has been immediately and indefinitely suspended from the football program while the legal and student judicial affairs processes are ongoing.”
Whether the players are ultimately reinstated to the program remains to be seen.

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