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Dan Patrick Opens Up About Health Issues


Dan Patrick is one of the most popular radio show hosts. On Thursday, May 2, Patrick opened up about a lingering and rare health issue that he has been battling. Patrick revealed he was diagnosed with the inflammatory disorder known as polymyalgia rheumatica.

“There’s something I wanted to bring up. It’s had to do with my health over the past seven years. There are moments on this show when I have had memory loss and I’ll tell you what it’s due to. There are times when I feel like my mind and my mouth are not working together. I think you’ve come to expect me to perform at a high level,” Patrick said on his radio show.

“I was just going to pull the curtain back because I don’t know where I’m headed over the next five months. I’ve been going through treatments here for what I have is called polymyalgia rheumatica. I’ve had it for seven years. It’s intense joint pain. If anybody’s ever had this, then you’ll understand. It’s like having the flu and you’re not nauseous.”

The radio host says he is currently undergoing “light chemo” IVs after his initial medication, Prednisone, caused suicidal thoughts.

We wish Patrick nothing but the best during his ongoing battle.


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