NBA Draft Lottery Results 2019: Top 14 Picks Set

The 2019 NBA Draft Lottery went down Wednesday night in Chicago, Illinois, as basketball fans across the league waited anxiously to see who would come away with the No. 1 overall pick in the upcoming draft and the inside track to landing Duke basketball star Zion Williamson.
And it was it quite the wild night.
The New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Phoenix Suns entered the night with the best odds to land the No. 1 pick at 14 percent, but it was none of those teams that walked away with the top pick.
Instead, the Knicks landed pick No. 3, the Cavs received No. 5, and the Suns will pick at No. 6.
The winners of the No. 1 pick, meanwhile, were the New Orleans Pelicans.
Where will your favorite team in the lottery be picking when draft night rolls around this summer?
A full look at this year’s lottery results can be seen below.

2019 NBA Draft Lottery Results

1. New Orleans Pelicans
2. Memphis Grizzlies
3. New York Knicks
4. Los Angeles Lakers
5. Cleveland Cavaliers
6. Phoenix Suns
7. Chicago Bulls
8. Atlanta Hawks
9. Washington Wizards
10. Atlanta Hawks via Dallas Mavericks
11. Minnesota Timberwolves
12. Charlotte Hornets
13. Miami Heat
14. Boston Celtics via Sancramento Kings
The Draft selections for the remainder of the first round (No. 15-30) and the entire second round (No. 30-60), are determined by reverse order of regular season record. Each NBA team gets one selection in the first round and one selection in the second round.
The 2019 NBA Draft takes place Thursday, June 20 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The draft will be broadcast live on ESPN.

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