WATCH: Chicago White Sox Employee Tosses Worst First Pitch Ever

We all dream of having the opportunity to throw out the first pitch ahead of one of our favorite baseball team’s games. For one Chicago White Sox employee, the opportunity presented itself but things ended up going terribly, terribly wrong.
The pitch was nowhere close to crossing the plate and went directly off course into the cameraman.
The first pitch took prior to Tuesday’s game between the Chicago White Sox and Kansas City Royals. The good news is that the cameraman, Darren Georgia, was not harmed and his camera survived the horrendous effort.
Check it out and get ready for some secondhand embarrassment.

The first pitch thrower earned the honor after being named Employee of the Month. We have a feeling that she won’t be invited back to toss out the first pitch anytime soon, though.
Thanks to this woman, 50 Cent no longer has to worry about being responsible for the worst first pitch in MLB history because we now have a new leader in the clubhouse. But just for good measure, let’s relive 50 Cent’s horrendous effort, too:

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