Jimmer Fredette: Bio, Contract, & Stats

On Wednesday, June 5, the Golden State Warriors will be hosting an NBA Finals game for the 5th consecutive season. The team is once again led by arguably the greatest shooter to ever play the game, Steph Curry. Curry has made a living by making dramatic, draw dropping shots. Heck, some of his shots are so damn ridiculous that if 95% of the players in the NBA even attempted them their coach would go through the whole dictionary of profanity before sending them off to Siberia to live in exile. While Curry has enjoyed tremendous success so far in his NBA career, there is another man who at one point in time was just as much of a spectacle to watch, and his name is Jimmer Taft Fredette.

Jimmer Fredette

Full Name: Jimmer Taft Fredette

Birth date: February 25, 1989

College: BYU

Current NBA Team: Phoenix Suns

Three Point Range: The Parking lot

Drip Level: Unreal

Jimmer playing for BYU


College Career

Jimmer Fredette committed to Brigham Young University in 2007 as a 3-star recruit out of Glenn Falls High School in New York. Despite shattering almost every record during his time there, he only received 12 offers and ultimately chose to play in the West Coast Conference out West. As a freshman, Fredette was a nothing but a decent bench player who averaged 7 points per game, although he did appear in all 35 of the team’s games.
Things really started to click for Fredette in his sophomore season. He started in 32 games and averaged almost 17 points in those contests, while shooting 48% from the field. At this point in his career he had captured the attention of most college basketball fans, but it wasn’t until his Junior season that Fredette turned into an absolute phenomenon.
It is not often that a person achieves such high star power that the public begins referring to them by their first name. Right of the top of my head, I can name Lebron, Venus, Serena, Kanye, and Barrack, and most of America would be able to decipher who I am referring to, but the list pretty much ends there. Jimmer Fredette joined this list in 2010. In his junior season, Jimmer averaged 22 points per game while shooting a mind-boggling 44% from the three-point line. The dude was absolutely electric all season long, and the public took notice. It was impossible to go to a basketball gym and see someone pull up from way outside of their range while yelling “JIMMER!” It wasn’t just basketball either. I couldn’t go through a day at my middle school without seeing someone crumple up some garbage and shoot it in the direction of a trash can without someone yelling his name. There was even an instance where my own mother, who does not watch a LICK of basketball, threw my dad his car keys and yelled it. While that situation does not really play, the fact still remains “Jimmer Mania” was infiltrating human beings that had no interest in BYU basketball.
Jimmer’s senior season was poetic. He averaged a ludicrous 29 points per game, establishing himself as one of the top prospects going into the NBA Draft.

Fredette playing for the Shanghai Sharks in China


Professional Career

Unfortunately for Jimmer and all of his fans, his NBA career was just basically the opposite of his College one. After getting drafted by the Sacramento Kings in the first round, he went on to average 6 points per game over his first 6 NBA seasons. Jimmer ultimately decided to take his talents to China and play for the Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association. Once there, the phenomenon of Jimmer Mania returned as he averaged 36 points per game and went on to win the MVP of the league. The fans of the sharks actually coined a new nickname for Jimmer, “Jimo Dansen”, or the “Lonely Master”. 
His newfound stardom in China landed him a contract back in the NBA with the Pheonix Suns. Jimmer returned late this year and averaged a measly 3.7 points per game 6 total games. He is still only 29 years old, but time looks to be running out on Jimmer’s chances make a legitimate impact in the NBA.

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Campus Connect: College Sports, Entertainment & Viral News – 6/3