Top 5 Bets For The Upcoming College Football Season

Over/ Unders on win totals for every Division 1 College Football team have officially been released and with sports betting becoming legalized in more states, the number of amateur bettors placing bets will be sure to set records this upcoming season. With that being said, losing money on these bets is easier than placing them. But don’t you worry, I am here to provide you with the five bets that have you living stress-free on your way to a nice vacation.

The “Bet the House, Farm, Boat, And Kids” Pick Of The Year:

Boise State OVER 10 Wins (-108)

This is extremely simple. Boise State is going to be insanely good this year. They have way too much talent not to be. Not only that, but they play in the Moutain West, which quite frankly is not close to a good football conference.
They have 6 true home games against teams projected to be horrible this year. Boise State will easily run the table at home.
Three of their road games include San Jose State (projected 2.5 wins), UNLV (projected 4 wins), and Colorado State (projected 3.5 wins). So we’ll say they go 3-0 in those.
That leaves them with games @BYU, @Utah State, and @Florida State. A 1-2 record would push this bet, and a 2-1 would win it. I wholeheartedly believe Boise State can go into Tallahassee and upset FSU in week 1, and even if they can’t, this bet will at the very least push.

The “Justin Herbert is really, really, really good” Pick:

Oregon OVER 9 Wins (+102)

Vegas is really banking on the Ducks not hitting the number here. The under is currently sitting at -120. However, I really love Oregon this season. Justin Herbert is going to be a finalist for the Heisman Trophy once it is all said and done. Oregon has 7 true home games this season, and in College Football that is a huge advantage. Their toughest test will come against Washington State in October, and for the sake of playing devil’s advocate we’ll chalk that one up as a loss. Besides that, the Ducks should coast to wins and come out with a 6-1 home record.
As for their road games, they play @ Stanford, @ Washington, @ USC, and @ Arizona State. They SHOULD beat USC, Stanford, and Arizona State. That would give them the 9 wins on the season right there.
So going off of those numbers, Oregon will have the 9 win total they need for your bet to push. For the bet to be a winner all they have to do is beat either Auburn, Washington, or Washington State.
Go pound this over.

The “An Upset Has GOT To Happen, Right?” Pick:

Clemson UNDER 11.5 Wins (-156)

This one is straightforward. Vegas has the Tigers going undefeated. Yes, Clemson is amazingly good, and yes the ACC is just as amazingly bad, but to think Clemson motors through everybody and has a perfect season again is wishful thinking at best.
All it takes is a significant injury, a missed kick, a couple of fumbles, or even a bad call for an upset to happen.
Clemson also plays host to Texas A&M in Week 2, and while they will probably take care of business there, trap games are a real thing. They travel to the Carrier Dome to play Syracuse in Week 3 for a primetime matchup. Don’t be surprised if the Orange shock the world in that one.

The “Texas Is All The Way Back” Pick

Texas OVER 9.5 Wins (+102)

I freaking love Texas this year. Sam Ellinger is going to come in with a massive chip on his shoulder, and the team will follow suit. The most onerous task for them will be when they play host to LSU in Week 2, and if they can win that game, they should quickly start the year 5-0. Even if they lose it at home, a 4-1 record through 5 isn’t too shabby.
Their next 5 see them playing host to Kansas, Kansas State, and Oklahoma, as well visiting TCU and West Virginia. This should be another comfortable 4-1 for them, with the hardest game coming against OU. The good news here is, like LSU, this game will be held at home.
The final two games of The Longhorns’ season come @ Baylor and vs. Texas Tech. Texas should win both of these.
So at the very least, Texas will break their total with 10 wins.

The “Let the Cowbells Ring” Pick:

Mississippi State OVER 8.5 Wins

Mississippi State was excellent last year, and they will be again this year.
They open the season at LA-Layfayette before playing host to Southern Mississippi Kansas State and Kentucky. This should be an easy 4-0 start.
Their fifth game comes @ Auburn, and while playing in Jordan-Hare is never easy, they should pick up a win here. Next, they travel to Knoxville to beat a terrible Tennessee team, putting their record at 6-0.
The end of their schedule is pretty grueling, but a trip to Arkansas and a homecoming game against Abilene Christian will allow them to reach 8 wins.
That leaves 4 games against LSU, Alabama, Texas A&M, and Ole Miss, with Mississippi State only needing to win 1.

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