Early Predictions for NBA 2019-2020

With the new NBA season closing in, a renewed sense of enthusiasm is gripping the fans. For the teams, these are crucial moments as they go about strengthening their plays by selecting the right players, both from the drafts as well as the free agent period. Bettors and bookmakers, heavily invested in the game, should have all ears open right around now as these trades and buys can eventually lead to game-changing scenarios once the season commences. 
Newcomers who want to start a betting portfolio with the NBA should typically wait till the free agency period is over, to make sure all the contracts are complete and stamped. However, most agreements between players and teams are done verbally beforehand, and that allows the bookmakers to release odds before the finalisation of the units. Based on the expected movement of players during the free agency time and also keeping in mind the young talent picked up by the teams, here are the top contenders for next year’s championship. 


Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are all set to pick up Anthony Davis, and with that, the possibility to lift the trophy next year. Moreover, they are working hard with their trades to gather up enough capital to select one more player during the free agency period who can then form a formidable trio alongside Davis and LeBron. No wonder then that bookmakers have the Lakers as a favourite already. But before you go about making a bet this early on, it is wise to indulge in a betting exchange to reduce your risks. Over here you will find the Betfair exchange explained, that allows you, the punter, to become a bookmaker and bet with other people, increasing your overall chances of winning, especially when clubbed with the free bonuses and offers that Betfair gives out to all its new patrons.   

Basketball court wide view


Toronto Raptors

Change, they say, is good, and if things work out, the 2019-2020 season would be the last of its kind. There are talks amongst the NBA to alter the format of the competition by having a lesser number of games and dividing the season into two playoffs. If at all this happens, it will only be in 2020-2021 and will change the dynamics of how the teams play. For the upcoming season, everything remains the same and thus last year’s winners are still in play to lift the trophy. However, The Toronto Raptors might have a steep hill to climb as their star player Kawhi Leonard just might shift sides. A big blow that can alter everything, the Raptors are presently third favourites with the bookies.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks will be gunning for the ultimate victory that slipped through their hands this time and are sure to make a huge impact thanks to all the confidence they accumulated by reaching the finals. The good news for them, the fans, and punters is that the Bucks managed to extend their contract with Antetokounmpo, Middleton, and Bledsoe. Moreover, they have enough money to attract major players during the free agency period to further strengthen their chances. 

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