Top 5 Fantasy Football Sleepers For 2019

We are officially a week from NFL teams kicking off their mini camps, and that means Fantasy Football season is about to kick into gear. With Fantasy drafts on the horizon, everybody and their mother wants to know the players they can stealthily snag in the late rounds of their respective drafts. Today I am here to give you the best sleeper list on the internet.

1. Justin Jackson (LAC)

The Le’veon Bell Saga completely shifted the landscape of the Fantasy Football season last year, and owners who took the chance on James Conner were significantly rewarded. Conner finished in the top 5 among PPR running backs, accumulating 1,470 total yards and 13 touchdowns. As for owners of Bell, they likely thought about jumping off a bridge more than a few times.
This year another star running back is threatening to hold out until he receives a new contract. That star goes by the name of Melvin Gordon. While a full season hold out like the one Bell had is unlikely, the chance of Gordon missing at least a few games is reasonably decent. If he does, Justin Jackson is the jelly to your english muffin.
The second-year running back averaged 4.1 yards per carry in limited play last season, most of which came while Gordon was injured. While Austin Ekeler is still on the Chargers roster, Jackson proved to be the better runner last year, and he will see the bulk of the work assuming Gordon does not play.
Given the opportunity, Justin Jackson could have you happier than a Yankee fan during the REGULAR season.

2. Darren Waller (OAK)

The Oakland Raiders made plenty of splashes this offseason, the most glaring being the acquisition of star receiver Antonio Brown. Between Brown, Derek Carr, Josh Jacobs, and Tyrell Williams, the new-look Raiders offense should be pretty explosive. However, the most productive performer of the bunch may be their tight end.
Darren Waller has been in the NFL for a few years now and has yet to make anything close to a sizable impact. That is actually a good thing for fantasy owners. A 6’6 256-pound wrecking ball with wheels, Weller has all the tools to be a very good tight end in this league given the opportunity. John Gruden and Co. have reportedly loved what they’ve seen from him in workouts this summer, and in an offense that saw Jered Cook thrive last year, don’t be surprised if Weller puts up big numbers.

3. Jimmy Garropolo (SF)

Jimmy Garropolo is going to be a top 5 fantasy quarterback this year. He is too good and too charismatic to not be. He also gets the great honor of playing with the fiery bag of feces that is the San Fransico 49ers. While this won’t bode well for him in terms of real-life success, his fantasy numbers are going to make you happier than Tom Brady after his system carries him to another Super Bowl.
Jimmy G needs to be your QB.

4. Adam Humphries (TEN)

Adam Humphries has had the great luxury of playing with some of the best quarterbacks in the game… at throwing it to the other team. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneer had the privilege of lining up alongside Jameis Winston and Ryan Fitzpatrick for most of his career. All good things must come to an end, however, as now Humphries gets to play alongside ultimate protector of the ball Marcus Mariota.
In all honesty, this guy really needs to play a season with Brady or Brees. 10% of his career is going to be spent chasing down defensive backs.
Like Garropolo, Humphries actual team’s success will not matter when it comes to fantasy football. Marcus Mariota is going to absolutely love this guy.
In deep leagues, especially ones that are PPR, Adam Humphries is going to flourish.

5. Darrel Henderson (LAR)

Derrick Rose would call Todd Gurley’s knees weak.
That is the story here.
If Gurley goes down, Henderson is the next man up.

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