What Are 'Super Teams' And Why Are High School Prospects Creating Them?

The media attention that high schools basketball players are getting in today’s is crazy. With the evolving age of the media, people are starting to know some of these kids. They begin to blow up and become internet sensations. Sometimes they decide to join other high school stars and play with them. Players become friends with other players through playing with or against them on AAU travel teams, showcases, and other leagues during the summer. Sometimes you find out that players actually played with each other when they post a throwback picture on their social media or a highlight tape comes out you catch a clip of them together. Guys will join other guys to form a so-called “super team.”

Super Teams In High School?


There is this in trend in sports about superteams being formed. If you do not know what a super team it is when top players join other top players and basically make the game no longer fair for anyone else. Some people have the misconception that this trend started recently with the Golden State Warriors. That’s is wrong that is just one dominant team that succeeded in that category. Players talk, and they are friends, so there is always talks about players joining other players. In high school, it is a bit different sometimes guys transfer to other schools to join other top guys in the nation and get more offers from schools. This is a trend we are starting to see a lot more now.
Recently two players from the class of 2022, Five-star point guard Dior Johnson and rising guard in the class Devontes Cobbs joined the class of 2020 five star guard Joshua Christopher joined at Mayfair Highschool for this upcoming season. This is mot the first school to do that. Sierra Canyon has Bronny James, Zaire Wade, Brandon Boston, Amari Bailey, and Ziaire Williams aside from James and Wade the other three are five-star recruits. Boston is committed to going to Kentucky after this year and will be joined by Terrence Clarke. IMG Academy at one point had Jaden Springer, Dior Johnson, Noah Farrakhan, Josh Green and Armando Bacot Jr all top recruits on the same team. You have some top recruits joining other top recruits Cade Cunnighman, and Scottie Barnes are also playing on the same team down at Monteverde.

What Does This Mean For The Future?


There was a tweet that Christopher had put out, and he said: “the 2020 class of basketball players are all super close; it is crazy.” During the summer Christopher and Jalen Green played on the same AAU team and took over summer basketball. They also all in the SLAM Classic game and spent the weekend together. Events like this help with players ending up on the same team. Summer basketball is the best way for kids to blow up and play with some of the best players in their respective state and country. This will not be the last time we hear of guys teaming up with each other to play. With the digital age, evolving guys become closer with each other if you follow some of these guys on Instagram, you see other players commenting on their pictures showing love to each other. Guys want to expand their game more and show scouts the entire package of their game.

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