Top 5 Best MLB Free Agents in 2019

The MLB regular season has to come to an end. The stage is set as everyone is awaiting the start of the playoffs. For some teams it was not a successful season while for other teams their season played precisely or even better then they hoped. Organizations that did not make the playoffs are looking to offseason to retool and revitalize their franchise. This would be done through signing free agents, making big trades, or taking those diamond in the rough players in the draft. No matter what the case is, certain organizations will improve in the offseason and try to make a playoff push next season. Here the top 5 MLB players in the 2019 free agency.

5.Zack Wheeler, RHP

The 29-year-old pitcher has not had the best couple of seasons averaging 3.77 ERA; he was ranked 21 in the National League for ERA. He punched in 195 strikeouts which the most he has ever gotten. He has a nasty fastball that has a high velocity. This season the average speed of his fastball was 97MPH that puts him in a select group of pitchers with the hottest fastballs. Wheeler also can put a spin on his fastball although he is not the best at he can still get batters swinging and missing.

4.Madison Bumgarner, LHP

The 30-year-old pitcher seemed to be on the decline after his shoulder injury in the 2017-2018 season. His numbers were not the same as they used to be. In 34 games he averaged a 3.90 ERA which is the most in his career. He notched 203 strikeouts which is an improvement in the last two years. Bumgarner has improved over the previous two months as he put up a 2.81 ERA for the previous three months of the season. He is showing signs of life and trying to get back to his former self.

3.Hyun-Jin-Ryu, LHP

This man has been on a mission this season notching the lowest ERA in league with 2.32 ERA. He proved to be the Dodgers ace and cementing his argument for the NL Cy Young award. He finished with 14-5 record on the season and put up 163 strikeouts. His performance gave him an all-star appearance. He will be high on everyone’s list if the Dodgers do not decide to keep him.

2.Anthony Rendon, 3B

This guy has been an absolute stud for the Washington Nationals and has stepped up after losing their star player in Bryce Harper. Rendon has helped the Nationals make a playoff push. Rendon.319 Batting average hit for 34 home runs and had 126 RBI which was the leagues most. Rendon will most likely stay with Washington but could potentially be on everyone’s radar if he decides to leave the Nationals.

1. Gerrit Cole, RHP

The hottest free agent is a man who dominated the pitcher’s mound this season. Gerrit Cole had an MVP caliber season putting up the best ERA for an AL pitcher with 2.50 ERA. He also had a dominant showing against batters with the league-best 326 strikeouts. Hitters did not stand a chance against Cole. Cole coming another high season, proved his dominance this year. Be ready teams to throw money at this guy.

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