WWE Draft 2019: Reviewing The First Part Of The Draft

The landscape of the WWE has changed; you got the premiere of Smackdown on Fox, and the drafted was just finished.  Now having Smackdown on Fox and Raw on the USA network is a huge stepping stone in keeping the roster exclusive to each network. The draft worked as follows;  A superstar from Raw and Smackdown would start the night going one- on -one, and the winner would get the first pick for their respective roster of the pool of superstars. Since raw was a three-hour show, then for every two picks, they would get three. Tag Teams count as one unless the brand just wanted the one superstar. The first part of the draft took place on October 11, 2019, on Smackdown and the rest on  October 14. 2019. Let’s down the first part of the selection and analyze it.

Part One On Smackdown

Round 1


Let’s start with the first pick, Becky Lynch is a first-round caliber pick the way WWE has branded her she is the precious gem of the WWE. Not a surprise, she is staying on Raw, and she is the first pick.  Roman Reigns being the second pick to Smackdown was not a surprise; he really has taken a step down as the face of the WWE, and it is also a coincidence that the cover stars of WWE 2K20 were selected with the first two picks. The next pick was the O.C to Raw, do not really know what WWE is doing with them, but their good team AJ is always great wish he would defend the title more. Bray Wyatt to Smackdown was intriguing, but that means the storyline with him, and Seth Rollins will come to an end at Crown Jewel.  That is a good move; let’s see how he fares on Smackdown. The last pick of the first round was Drew McIntyre to Raw, which was surprising haven’t seen him on live tv in a while; hopefully, he makes his return soon. Overall decent start to the draft, not anything special.

Round 2


Randy Orton was the first pick of the second round, and he’s been showing up on Raw the last couple of weeks. WWE just said forget the wild card rule and let everyone from smackdown on raw. I don’t know what t they plan on doing with him, but we will see. The next pick was Sasha Banks, which I think was foreshadowed with the blue hair and all the blue talk. She will probably be in a feud with Bayley. Nothing special with this pick great wrestler, but she will possibly get thrown into the main event. Ricochet was taken next to Raw, exciting pick in the 2nd round if Raw puts him in a good storyline then right, but he should have been in smackdown and feuded with Shinsuke. Braun Strowman to Smackdown, WWE has killed his image and is starting to make him like how the Big Show is now. He is just there because of his size, has not gotten the push he is just there. Lashley was the final pick of the round he is in a weird storyline with Lana and Rusev, came back to WWE for basically nothing. Overall you can start seeing how the rosters will play out.

Round 3


Alexa Bliss to Raw, not a surprise she has been a staple of Raw, Nikki Cross was also taken by Raw in the 4th round.  Lacey Evans, to smackdown the women’s smackdown division, is mostly heels, so it will be interesting to see what they do. Owens to Raw really thought he as going back to NXT after cryptic tweet a couple weeks ago. He went in the third round, which is surprising; he is a first-round pick superstar. The Revival staying on Smackdown they are Smackdown tag team champions they were not switching. Natalya to Raw really glad she is still being used on live TV she’s been apart of the company for years and is basically a legend in the company. Overall the third round was decent, but we are still waiting for big names to get drafted.

Round 4


Viking Raiders to Raw good move like what they are doing with them now they look like they are getting a push. Lucha House Party to Smackdown nothing special would like to see them in the title picture a bit more they would have suitable matches with the Revival. Nikki Cross to Raw keeping her and Alexa Bliss together, it’s unknown why they lost the title to the Kabuki Warriors thought that it would have something to do with them possibly being on separate brands, but that did not happen. Heavy Machinery was drafted to Smackdown, which is a good pickup, and it would be nice to see them get a push and see the tag-team titles. The street profits to raw as the last pick of the first half of the draft, not a bad pick, they have the potential to make a name for themselves on the main roster. Overall the 4th round saw some right talent, and it all comes down to how each brand will utilize them.

The Current Dilemmas In The WWE
The Current Dilemmas In The WWE