WWE Draft 2019: Reviewing The Second Part Of The Draft

Part one of the WWE draft was done on Smackdown; now, the second part of the selection was done on October 14, 2019, edition of Monday Night Raw. Since Raw is a Raw a three-hour show, there more rounds then there was on Smackdown. The rules are still the same as before a superstar from each brand will start the show in a match-winner will get the first pick for their respective brand. This time it was Becky Lynch and Charlotte starting it out; it what looks like a potential feud even though Charlotte at the time was not drafted. Becky got the win, and Raw gets the first pick in the draft. Let’s breakdown the second part of the selection and analyze the picks.

Round 1


Let’s start with the first and second picks Seth Rollins to Raw and Brock Lesnar to Smackdown; honestly, those were not a surprise they are the world champions, individual champions should not have been part of the draft because they were not gonna switch. The World champions, Women’s Championship, and the men’s tag team championship were not gonna switch brands that were a given. The Intercontetnial, United States, and Women’s tag team champions are the only ones that should have been allowed to change. Now those obvious picks are taking away from other talents being selected in the draft. Charlotte Flair to Raw, the promo at the start of the show, was her kind of turning heel, and it just felt weird and rushed, but she’s on raw and probably gonna feud with Becky. The New Day staying on Smackdown is a good move; they are entertaining to watch, and they excel on the blue brand. Andrade to Raw is a good move, Andrade is a fantastic superstar with main event potential if he just gets the right push.

Round 2


Raw starts with drafting the Kabuki Warriors, which is a good showing, they are finally getting some love. Next was Daniel Bryan to Smackdown would have liked to see him on Raw feuding with Aj or Andrade could have made for some great matches. Bryan deserves a little more time in the main event; he has proved that he is a workhorse. Rusev to Raw, he is in a storyline with Lashley and Lana, so he was not leaving. Bayley to Smackdown goes back to my previous point about the champions. Think her and Sasha Banks will feud, Bayley will turn her back on Sasha. Aleister Black to Raw, everyone wants to see more of him; he is in this phase where he is just destroying everyone, so hoping he gets a push soon.

Round 3


Cedric Alexander to Raw is a good move, Vince Mcmahon was high on him at one point, and he was starting to get a push, but that is probably done. Shinsuke to Smackdown, they need to revamp his character. He is a leading event caliber superstar, and he is not getting the treatment he deserves. Humberto Carrillo to raw is a good pick; he had a great run in 205 live. Ali to Smackdown he also needs a bit more love at one point he was seeing time in the main event now he’s just there. Erick Rowan to Raw they decided to break up the Bludgeon Brothers by taking Rowan don’t think he’s gonna get much of a push.

Round 4


Buddy Murphy to Raw, Mcmahon is a murphy fan as you can tell, but with the cruiserweight champion on Nxt, it will be interesting to see what he does on the red brand. Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode to smackdown they lost their titles to the Viking Raiders in the short run, and now they are on Smackdown forget their rematch. Jinder Mahal to Raw, it is sad that they give these guys the title, and once they lose it, they are back to being nobody’s on the brand. The last two picks Carmella to Smackdown¬† and R-truth to Raw it is sad that they are breaking up those two, Truth makes the 24/7 champion funny, and it is perfect for his character and Carmella has been entertaining with him, but there have been reports of the 24/7 championship¬† segments being on youtube so it looks like Carmella will be transitioning back into more in-ring stuff.

Round 5


Samoa Joe to Raw shocked he dropped this low, but with the injury, he has probably why he fell so late. The Miz to Smackdown, good pick he fell late because he has been at home with his family, just had another baby, so that is why he probably has not been on live tv that much. He will probably feud with Shinsuke again and break the record for most intercontinental champions held, Akira Tozawa, to Raw interested to see what he will do on the brand. King Corbin to Smackdown, he has been used on live tv a lot, so him falling this late in the draft is confusing, but at least he got drafted. Shelton Benjamin on Raw he needs to have a more prominent role in the show, like helping out with the younger talent.

Round 6


Rey Mysterio to Raw, WWE is so confusing because their young superstars or their veteran superstars do not get the love it is like a select group of people. Shorty Gable not a fan of the name; he is a great competitor; he should be treated as such, but hope Gable finds time with a title soon. Titus O’ Neil to Raw nothing much to say he has been part of the company for years now can see him doing something with the Street Profits; they have high energy and are entertaining to watch. Elias to Smackdown they should be revamping his character if he is not doing the concerts then make him do something else. The last pick was Liv Morgan to Raw, which is interesting because we have not seen her on tv in a while, and she has been posting some cryptic things on Instagram, so hopefully, she makes her return on TV soon.

Trades/ Signings

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross were traded to Smackdown still don’t know why they were not chosen as a tag team, but they are traded to Raw for a future pick. I like
No Way Jose, Mojo Rawley, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, and Sarah Logan were all free agents that are now signed to Raw.
Luke Harper, Cesaro, Drake Maverick, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose, and Dana Brooke, all free agents signed to Smackdown.

WWE Draft 2019: Reviewing The First Part Of The Draft
WWE Draft 2019: Reviewing The First Part Of The Draft