Here is How WWE Can Reshape Their Brands

If you are a wrestling fan and you watch WWE, you know that there are so many problems with WWE. You can look at how they do things, and you wonder how they are are still making money and getting people to watch. Especially with recent events, WWE fans are not happy with the company. This is not a good time for WWE; now that  AEW is on tv the WWE is in competition with them. WWE needs to scrap everything and start fresh. Let’s look at some ways WWE can fix their problems.

New Storylines

WWE has one of the weirdest storyline writers ever, they are just inconsistent and non-transparent. Look at what they are doing with Rusev, Lashley, and Lana. They have Lana cheating on Rusev for no reason. Rusev and Lana have not been on tv for months. They come back and get put in this weird story. WWE needs to trash all of these storylines and make new ones. Like fans do not want to see the same matches with different angles for the 10th time this year. WWE will also make matches out of thin air for no reason like where did the tag team match come from at Hell In A Cell. The build to a match creates a better match like if you build the AOP  as a team that causes havoc everywhere they go and have them feud with a team like the Viking Raiders and have them end their feud in a steel cage match for the tag titles that is an interesting storyline.

Talent Variety

WWE has the most diverse talent they’ve ever had but still put the same people on tv. They have so much ability that you have to ask where is this person and then realize that they are injured because someone on twitter told you. WWE has pushed the same people, and it is like everyone else does not matter. What happened to Andrade, No Way Jose, AOP like so much talent, and we are still seeing Brock Lesnar win another major title. NXT is killing it with the talent right now it seems like new people are always in the mix, WWE has so much talent on the roster why is WWE giving Tyson Fury tv time. There are so many questions surrounding this roster. WWE needs to offer some of the newer guys some chance to shine keep everything fresh the idea that if you lose your shot, you go back to the line. Get some number one contender matches to put new people in the mix. Advertise talent as equals in the sense that if people know the outcome of the match already, then give them a show make it so that there spots that fans have to hold their breath.

The Draft

The WWE Draft is coming up, and it is not for sure how this is going to work, it seems like it will not be the same as previous years. This draft is the chance for WWE to start fresh to an extent. The superstar shakeup moved som stars to different brands but made Raw the better brand on paper. It should be an equal playing field like make it so that the draft matters and not just a way to justify recent unorganized storylines. Get fans excited, and have them look at talent and make choices like that. If the WWE shows that they are taking this seriously, then the fans will too.

Brand Exclusive

Get rid of this wild card rule, what is the point of having this rule if the WWE has half of the Smackdown on Raw. Why was the Smackdown women’s champion defended on a Raw pay-paper-view? WWE needs to keep the brand exclusive paper per view; there are 12 months in the year and their four paper views that both brands can share. So that leaves eight other pay-paper-views raw and smackdown can have four each. It gives more opportunities for new guys to get into the mix. The draft should keep the brands separate and have one or two brands vs. brand matches at the pay per view they share. Make this a competition with some sort of incentive at the end. Like whoever has the best ratings will get the main event spots at Wrestlemania, or they get to call up someone from NXT. Make this fun for everyone.

Make Titles Valuable

Raw and Smackdown have 12 titles between them, there is no reason that four titles should be defended at a pay-paper-view.  One title was not even raw. The United States and Intercontinental champion means nothing, Aj Styles and Shinsuke Nakumara have the titles but do not defend them. The Tag Team Titles were not defended at Hell In A Cell. The only titles that matter is the World titles. If that is the case, make the singles and tag team titles defended on live tv more. When John Cena had the U.S open, that was the best time because we got a title match, and we got new stars on the brand. Watching Chris Jericho and RVD for the intercontinental champion on Raw was amazing . Give fans more interesting live tv matches does not even have to be a storyline.

Better Finishes

If you have been keeping up with WWE as of late, then you know where this is going. WWE has a knack for giving matches bad finishes. The roll-up is being used more, Getting yourself disqualified is a trend, and squash matches are now a focal point of WWE. Remembering a match with an exceptional finish is difficult to do. Brock Lesnar vs. Kofi Kingston, WWE, put over Kingston on so many occasions, and the moment he faces Lesnar, he loses in six seconds. One that was the main event of the season premiere of Smackdown and two that buries Kofi Kingston, and he will not be World Champion ever again.

WWE Draft 2019: Reviewing The Second Part Of The Draft
WWE Draft 2019: Reviewing The Second Part Of The Draft