The 5 Potential "What If" WWE Feuds

The WWE draft has concluded, and it seems like any moves that will end up will be either via trade or via free agent signing. Both Raw and Smackdown have good rosters and have the potential to make some great feuds that fans will love if written well. With how diverse te talent is on both brands, there can be some entertaining “what if” feuds. Let’s take a look at 5 “what if” feuds in WWE.

5.Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins

So for this storyline, it is more possible to actually happen for the reason being that we have not seen McIntyre on live tv for weeks, and he was a first-round pick and made his return on the October 21 edition of Raw. He is scheduled to be in the Team Hogan vs. Team Flair match at Crown Jewel. McIntyre might be the sole survivor and prove his dominance by being the one to get the win. He would then try to go after the Universal Championship because after Crown Jewel, it looks like the rivalry between Seth Rollins and the Fiend Bray Wyatt will kind of slow down. This will make way for a new feud, and McIntyre could be next in line.

4.Shayna Baszler vs. Becky Lynch

Shayna Baszler has been dominating the competition down at NXT she is a two-time NXT women championship, it is time for her to make the main roster debut. The women’s division needs a bit of a shakeup; it seems like the same people are fighting over and over again. If Baszler makes her main roster debut, then that might end up being a problem. She could start a feud with Becky Lynch right away and show that she is only there for one thing and one thing only the women’s championship. It would be nice to have her win and continue that dominance, just like Asuka did when she was NXT.

3.AOP vs. Viking Raiders

This one will most likely happen because AOP has been cutting some promos talking about how they are going to destroy everyone in their path. Now the AOP has not made their in-ring return yet, so when they do make their return, they will compete in a couple of squash matches. Or they will make their return and confront the Raw Tag Team Champions the Viking Raiders, and that will start a feud for those titles. WWE should wait on that for a bit and try to build up the Raiders as a dominant team and established champions.

2. The Club vs. Undisputed Era

This is a dream match, and it could potentially happen, especially with Finn Balor back on NXT and steeping straight up to Adam Cole. This can play out as Finn Balor gets attacked by all of Undisputed Era, and all of a sudden, the O.C comes out and helps Balor, but they get outnumbered, and Styles’ music hits and he comes out and even’s the playing field. Then this would set up NXT wargames, and it would be the main event for that show. Undisputed Era is no stranger to War Games, so seeing them compete again would make sense.

1. The Fiend vs. Daniel Bryan

If you remember when Daniel Bryan was in the Wyatt Family, then this makes sense. If you really look at the promos Wyatt cuts, then fans can see this one. The whole situation was that Daniel Bryan would not let the darkness in, and when he did, he joined the family. This was back in 2014 and fast forward to 2019 it is a coincidently, Bryan teamed up with Erick Rowan again for a short stint. Now that Wyatt is on Smackdown with Bryan, the whole “let me in” line fits perfectly now that Bryan is facing still. And after Crown Jewel, the Fiend will need to be in a new storyline.

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