Why Sports Betting Can Also Be a Professional Career

Being a sports fanatic can be tough if you’re someone who isn’t really athletic. It could also be tough if you’ve been involved in sports your entire school life but just can’t make it to the professional scene. However, there are still other ways for you to be involved in sports and even make a living from it without doing any sport at all.

A great way for you to earn money without doing any sport is through betting. This is a good way to make a living from all your sports knowledge. In fact, it’s high time for you to consider doing this seriously as more and more states in the US are finally legalizing.

In May 2018, the Supreme Court of the United States has stricken down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of PASPA of 1992. This means that today, each state in the US can now decide on the legislation and regulation of local betting as PASPA has always been the reason why betting hasn’t become widespread in the country.

After the decision of the Supreme Court, many states immediately moved towards the legislation of betting. Currently, there are now 2 states that have already legalized betting and some of these are the states of New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Illinois, and Michigan.

However, not al 20 states that already signed betting into law have already launched it. This means that if you are planning of turning betting into a professional career, make sure that you check your state’s legislation first before anything else.

Now, being a professional bettor isn’t as easy as it sounds. Know that betting may take a lot of your money and your time once you take it seriously. It also includes the risk of losing what you’ve invested, and this is why you should first assess whether this is a career that you should pursue or not.

To be considered a professional bettor, at least around 60 percent of your income should be spent on your betting career. This means that you shouldn’t be gambling all your money. This makes sense as the last thing you want is to end up having to file for bankruptcy.

The limit you should set for yourself is easier to determine if you’re fond of other forms of gambling. This is why you can first start with playing casino games on sites like Prime Dice. This can help you determine how much you can and should only spend on betting. Playing casino games can also help you think logically. Especially if you choose to play games that are skill-based like poker and blackjack.

There are many things that you should keep in mind before placing a bet or bets, but here are other tips that could help you become a better punter.

  • Learn about the odds

When you check a betting site, you might get easily overwhelmed with the numbers you see. Those numbers are usually the odds that a bookie is offering. Know that each bookie may offer different odds and this is why it’s best to shop around before you actually place your bets. You should also know how to read the odds and determine which team or athlete is the favorite or the underdog.

  • Never place a bet based on your emotions

Speaking of favorites, sure you can still place a bet for your favorite team or athlete, but always make sure that your choice is logical. Bet with a calm mind and only after you’ve already studied how the previous game or season went.

It’s best that you keep yourself updated with the latest news about the teams in the sports you’re following. If you’re just starting, it’s highly recommended that you only wager on one sport first. It could be football, cricket, or basketball. It’s all up to you. Once you get the hang of things, you can then start placing bets on other sports.

  • Aside from setting a limit, set a goal as well

It’s one thing to set a limit on the bets you’ll place. This could mean that you’ll set a limit on the number of games you’ll wager on or the maximum amount of money that you’ll spend on a game. However, make sure that you also set a goal.

It’s best that you have a monetary goal each month. If you reach your monetary goal as early as the first or second week, then during the remaining weeks, you can experiment and see what other strategies could work for you. 

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