The Amazing Soundtrack in Final Fantasy Games

Final Fantasy is one of the most popular role-playing games (RPG), with fifteen installments, each with a completely different cast and story. Each game in the franchise stands alone, with brilliant characters, a captivating storyline, and mellifluous soundtracks.

The music of the game has a following of its own, as the official Final Fantasy orchestra tours the world every year to sold-out arenas. While every gamer has their likes and dislikes, you can’t immerse yourself into a Final Fantasy game and not love its soundtrack.

We had a tough time composing a Top Five, but here’s our final list:

Fantasy VII

You can’t have a Final Fantasy list without mentioning FFVII, the franchise’s most popular ensemble. The soundtrack goes exceptionally well with the story and engages gamers in every aspect of the tale.

Starting from the battle music, “Aerith’s Theme,” to “One-Winged Angel,” gamers have raved about how the riveting music gets stuck in their heads after hours playing the game.

Final Fantasy XV

While FFXV didn’t live up to the hype surrounding its release, due to the lack of depth in the story, the music was amazing. Square Enix used a live orchestra to record the soundtrack, which blends into the story, captivating gamers and keeping them engaged throughout the game.

The mesmerizing musical performance in the game is so moving that players have confessed to being brought to tears.

Final Fantasy V

You can literally spend hours listening to the FFV soundtrack, which consists of a whopping 67 songs. Square Enix, known as Squaresoft when FFV was released, created a masterpiece using music that was modern at the time but has since faded into the retro category.

The music made each battle more exciting, giving die-hard gamers something to keep them going on one quest after another.

Final Fantasy XIII

Many FF fans consider FFXIII to be the beginning of the downfall of the franchise. Like FFXV, the story didn’t live up to the franchise’s track record, but the music was still exceptional. Tracks such as “Blinded by Lights,” “Boss,” and the battle music kept gamers immersed in the fantasy for hours on end.

Final Fantasy X

It is almost impossible not to cry at the end of FFX, not just because of the heartbreaking story, but also the “To Zanarkand” track that ties it all together. While the remaining tracks on the soundtrack are mediocre at best, FFX deserves to be on the list based on its final track—it is truly breath-taking.

When creating a game, developers know the role music plays in the final package. Music adds another element to games that engages players and ignites the imagination. Think of the popularity of the Super Mario Bros. theme music or the slot machines you find at GoldenSlot—the music is as popular as the game, if not more so.

Square Enix always knew the importance of the music, and all their games have featured a captivating soundtrack. Pick up any one of the franchise’s soundtracks, and it will be a pleasurable experience, even if you aren’t interested in playing the game.

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