Unique Mandopop Songs You Need to Hear Now

Are you interested in learning Mandarin? It is becoming an increasingly popular language with China investing globally. Whether you want to learn the language for professional reasons or to communicate with your casino online Chinese friends playing Mahjong, you will need to start with the basics.

Westerners find it difficult to learn Mandarin because the language uses a different script, and the words sound nothing like English formations. One way to make it easier for yourself to learn a new language such as Mandarin is to listen to songs in that language.

Melodies allow you to remember lyrics with ease since it’s easier to remember the words when there is a catchy tune involved. You can’t listen to just any Mandarin song because some use lyrics that are more complex or even nonsensical. Your best bet is to start with Mandarin pop or Mandopop, a genre that continues to shine on the Chinese music scene.

The following songs are perfect for anyone looking to learn Mandarin or explore Mandopop.

“Fairytale” – Michael Wong

The song is ultimately about a man confessing his love for a woman and willing to be her Prince Charming. It is a classic pop love song, and one of the most popular Michael Wong hits in China. His soothing voice makes it easy for listeners to follow while the lilting melodies will attract anyone that likes pop music.

“Embracing Your Smile” – Claire Kuo

Any of Claire Kuo’s songs are great for people interested in increasing their Mandarin vocabulary. She annunciates slowly and clearly in all her songs, so you can easily catch the words.

The reason we have “Embracing Your Smile” on our list is that it is memorable, and you will be sure to grasp the tune and words of the song after a few repeats.

“Do You Still Love Me” – Jolin Tsai

For anyone looking to woo a potential date, you have to listen to Jolin Tsai’s version of this song. The tune will help you learn words that you would need to profess your love eloquently in Mandarin.

“Only One” – Wang Lee

Wang Lee is another superstar who sings in a wide variety of genres, including pop, rock, and blues. “Only One” is a slow song that highlights his smooth vocals with soft piano accompaniment.

Individuals listening to the song will find it easy to understand the lyrics and start singing along with the right words.


“You Exist in My Song” – Qu Wan Ting

The romantic song is easy to follow as Ting narrates a love story. It was a major hit, and the lyrics consist of basic Mandarin phrases that are perfect for budding linguists.

Learning Mandarin can be difficult, but with time, commitment, and the right tools, you will grasp any language. While most basic Mandopop songs revolve around love, the clarity of the lyrics makes it easy for learners to follow and repeat. It is why these songs are the best place to start when you want to learn Mandarin by listening to good music.

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