Graduation Ceremony Prep 101

Graduating is such an exciting time, even during a pandemic. There’s a lot to think about with graduating, from getting a summer job to hanging out with friends before you all go your separate ways. But before you get to all that, you need to actually graduate first. Here are a few ideas to help you look your best during your graduation ceremony.

Given the global pandemic, it’s likely that your graduation ceremony will be different from typical ceremonies. Your school might be able to have a safe, socially distanced graduation, but it’s likely that it will be over zoom. A zoom graduation means that everyone will be seeing your face, so you’ll want to pay attention to how you do your makeup. Make sure that your makeup is natural and simple. You will look pulled together and polished that way. Or, if you’re feeling daring, keep your eye makeup natural, and add a bold red lip. Your whole face will really pop that way. 

Once you’ve decided on makeup, you’ll need to figure out how you want to do your hair. Make sure you pull your hair back off your face so everyone can see you clearly. You don’t necessarily have to put your hair up in a bun or a ponytail, just don’t have any hair hanging in your face. You can do braids, buns, or keep your hair loose and tucked behind your ears.  If you have bangs, use hair clips to keep them in place. Use hairspray and hair gel as needed to keep everything secure and looking sleek. 

After you’ve settled on hair and makeup for graduation, show off your looks with some graduation announcements. It’s likely that not all of your loved ones will be able to attend your graduation, even if it is online. Sending out grad announcements can help all your friends and family celebrate. You can make graduation announcements or grad invites, whichever you prefer. Check out these graduation invitation ideas or these custom graduation announcements if you’re not sure what type of cards to send out. Whichever you decide, customize them to show off your personal style. Your whole family is sure to love whatever cards you choose. 

Good luck getting ready for your graduation! Don’t forget to order your graduation announcements, and decide on your hair and makeup before your big day. I hope it’s a wonderful experience. 

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