Top College Football Team Picks from Best US Sports Betting Sites

Placing wagers on college football is an option for a growing number of Americans, thanks to the legalization of sports betting that is being implemented in more states every year.

If you are lucky enough to live in a region where sports betting has been legitimized, then choosing which teams to back with your hard-earned cash is the next obvious step. So which teams are worthy of your attention?

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Alabama Crimson Tide

Consistently appearing as a popular option on the best US legal betting sites found here, Alabama Crimson Tide have already proven themselves so far this season, conquering all comers and achieving accolades for their plays as well as for their coaching.

While there is never a guarantee that a particular team will remain dominant throughout the year, Alabama has a solid track record coming out of last season, enjoying an unbroken winning streak and not conceding a single game. Without the disruption of the pandemic to worry about, it should be an appealing prospect for those who want to place wagers that have a higher probability of paying out.

Of course the main downside of picking the favorites in any match-up is that the odds will be adjusted accordingly, and betting sites will not provide an especially high return on your stake. Conversely, underdogs with longer odds offer the opportunity for greater rewards, but with larger risks to encompass as well.

Georgia Bulldogs

Second only to Alabama at the moment, the Bulldogs have got off to a flying start, and so long as they continue to maintain their current levels of success, they might be able to impress their fans and create lucrative opportunities for bettors.

What makes Georgia a riskier choice is that they only finished seventh overall last year; a respectable but not especially head-turning achievement which means that they have a lot more work to do to take things to the next level this season.

Oregon Ducks

Another team that is rising in the respect and recognition of fans and independent observers alike is Oregon. A combination of innovative coaching and management, along with a sturdy selection of players destined for big things, has so far helped to give the Ducks the edge over their competitors.

They may have their toughest games ahead of them, but if the initial momentum enjoyed by the Ducks can be maintained for at least the next few weeks, then they may manage to surprise bookmakers and outdo the odds that are stacked against them.

How you approach sports betting depends on what you want to get out of it. So if you have a connection to Oregon and you are backing them out of loyalty rather than because you have done your research, this is fine. You just need to be comfortable with the risks involved, and also never bet more than you can afford to lose so that you can gamble responsibly.

Texas A&M Aggies

Another reliable choice this year, Texas A&M can pull some spectacular things out of the bag when they need to, as well as being capable of keeping their heads regardless of the pressure that is applied to them.

They managed to stick within the top 5 last year, and have yet to concede a game this season, so even if they have not racked up as many points to date, they are faring better in the coaching stakes than some of their chief rivals.

When betting on any sports, including college football clashes, you need to pay careful attention to the relative capabilities of the two teams in question. Looking at past performances can be instructive, but this should not be the only thing that sways you, since line-up changes and other shake-ups could confound previous trends.

Florida Gators

Seen by some as offering plenty of potential for triumph this season, the Gators have yet to truly come into their own, but could be poised to make mincemeat of many higher-ranked rivals in the coming weeks.

Once again they are consistently capable of keeping up with the best of them, and on the right day they might be pitched to create upset on the field, and joy for bettors who back them.

Most importantly, you should aim to see sports betting as a way to enhance the already enjoyable experience of watching college football, and do not let this pastime become an obsession. Also remember to only wager with legitimate betting operators.

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