6 of the Most Unbreakable Records in Sports

They say that records are meant to be broken, but some records seem like they will be around forever. 

A Hat-trick in 2 Minutes and 56 Seconds (Soccer)

When placing bets on betting sites like the BetMGM online sportsbook, you may notice markets such as “First Goalscorer” and “To Score a Hattrick”, as well as bets on whether there will be multiple goals in the first or second half. You can get very good odds on these lines, so imagine what sort of odds you would have got on one player scoring 3-goals in just 3 minutes of the same game.

That’s exactly what happened in 2015 when Southampton forward Sadio Mane bagged a hat-trick in 2 minutes and 56 seconds.

Mane, who now plays for Liverpool and is considered one the world’s best players, announced himself on the world stage with a truly unbreakable record.

Most Complete Games for a Pitcher (Baseball)

Cy Young once registered a total of 749 complete games. In modern baseball, pitchers typically pitch for 8 innings and then let a reliever take over. Their coaches rarely allow them to finish 10 games in a season, making it highly unlikely that they’ll get anywhere near 200 total games, let alone 749.

Most Points In a Career (Hockey)

Wayne Gretzky finished his career with an incredible 2,857 points, an achievement that seems all the more incredible when you realize that no other player has scored over 2,000. All the players who got close to that 2,000 mark have since retired, and it doesn’t look like any of the players active right now will be able to beat Gretzky’s record.

Most Knockdowns in a Single Fight (Boxing)

In 1902, a fight between Battling Nelson and Christy Williams recorded an amazing 51 knockdowns, with Williams hitting the canvas 42 times. Nelson eventually knocked Williams out in the 17th round.

Today, boxing matches are limited to 12 rounds and it’s hard to imagine there being time for more than 51 knockdowns in those 12 rounds. Even if there were, any referee would stop a fight before those knockdowns even registered double figures.

Combat sports are much safer than they were, so it’s probably for the best that this record will never be broken.

A Record Stadium Attendance (Soccer)

There were an estimated 199,854 spectators at the 1950 World Cup Final between Brazil and Uruguay. Soccer is much more popular these days, but it’s highly unlikely that this record will be broken.

Those fans were crammed into the Maracanã Stadium in Brazil and most were standing—crammed shoulder-to-shoulder. Today, security issues and all-seater stadiums make it unfeasible to cram 200,000 people into a single stadium.

Most Yards and TDs (Football)

Jerry Rice recorded 197 receiving touchdowns and 22,895 receiving yards during his 21-season career. As with the sports mentioned above, the NFL has changed a lot since this record was set, but it has gone in the opposite direction, with wide receivers scoring more points and touchdowns than ever before.

The fact that none of them have gotten close to Rice despite that fact, just shows you how impressive this record is.

The best sport for betting; there seems to be an agreement on football and soccer
The best sport for betting; there seems to be an agreement on football and soccer
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