Top 3 Sports Cancellations In History

Just recently, the threat of COVID-19 put a stop to what seemed to be the entire world: tourism hit zero, international travel had stopped, businesses closed down, movies were postponed, and even sporting events were either canceled or postponed.

However, the postponement and cancellation of major sporting events is no longer a new thing in history. While you take a break from all the latest college football news and updates, here are the top three times in history when sporting events were canceled.

9/11 attack game cancellations

Everyone knows about the horrific September 11, 20001 terror attack on the United States of America. One thing happened in the whole country that day: everything stopped, even sporting events.

The MLB immediately postponed scheduled games for one whole week, while the NFL canceled games for the weekend following the terrorist attack. It took ten days for New York to hold its first sporting event following the disaster of the 9/11 attack. In this event, the New York Mets hosted the Atlanta Braves, and Mike Piazza made an emotional and historical two-run home run that led the Mets to victory at a score of 3-2. For the first time since 9/11, fans of sports had something to cheer on. To date, this win remains one of the most emotional wins in the history of the entire MLB.

World War II

One of the biggest sporting leagues that were affected during the time of the Second World War was the NFL. One of the crises that NFL faced for their 1943 season, aside from the apparent threat of war, was that a lot of their players were called by the country to fight the war, thereby greatly hitting their roster of available players for the season. As a result, each team played ten less games for the season than usual.

Specific teams also did major adjustments to cope up with the ordeal that the war had put them through. The Cleveland Rams suspended operations entirely for that season. ON the other hand, the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers temporarily combined their roster of players left and formed what was known as the “Steagles.”

On the other hand, the MLB and NHL dealt with the problem by either calling on new and young players to play professional games or forcing retired players out of their retirement.

World War I

Perhaps the world’s biggest news back then, as the world has not seen a war that scales to the whole world back then. Although World War I started in 1914, the MLB managed to get past through it and completed a few more seasons before the threat of the war was finally caught in 1918.

The 1918 season for the league saw drastic changes, as teams played less games–at least 20 to 30 games less than the usual count they play in a season. That year, the league’s season also started a month earlier than the usual, this time kicking off in September. There were other problems and concerns throughout the 1918 season, too. Eventually, the MLB management decided to postpone the 1919 season entirely.

Final thoughts

Though none of the cancellations of sporting events in the past mentioned here involved a worldwide pandemic and the threat of a deadly virus, one thing should be understood here. That cancellations and postponements have happened in sports in the past, and the stopping of the world of sports recently is no longer a new thing.

Though all the cancellations and suspension meant terrible things for a lot of people, there is at least a silver lining that can be seen in the horizon not too far away–0that eventually, everything will be all right, and the fields of different sports will once again be filled with players, fans, and everyone who enjoys the world of sports.

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