Top 10 Trade Contracts in MLB History

Major Leauge Baseball players are constantly on the move from one team to another. In the last 20 years, the MLB has seen numerous blockbuster deals that have seen expected franchise players go on to play for another team. These are the top 10 contracts in MLB history that put players on the move:

1. Bryce Harper $330 Million for 13 years

It was no secret that after the 2017 season the Washington Nationals were not interested in resigning outfielder Bryce Harper when he reached free agency. But as the offseason was coming to a close Harper didn’t have any offers. The Nationals and Harper agreed to a one-year for the 2018 season. As he reached free agency once again Harper had several offers on the table, but ultimately signed with the Philadelphia Phillies for 13 years and $330 million.

2. Gerrit Cole $324 Million for 9 years

One of the most highly anticipated signings of the 2019 offseason was that of Gerrit Cole. After another impressive year with the Houston Astros Cole was ready for a change in scenery. The New York Yankees had made it known at the close of their season they would be in the market for some big-name pitchers, Cole included. In the end, the Yankees and Cole came to an agreement of $324 million for 9 years, which was two more years than was predicted.

3. Manny Machado $300 Million for 10 years

The same year Bryce Harper reached free agency another one of baseball’s young studs, Manny Machado reached the end of his one-year contract with the Los Angels Dodgers. It was predicted by baseball experts that Machado would go back to the East Coast with the Yankees. But the San Diego Padres won the bidding war, which shocked several baseball insiders. At the time the $300 million for 10 years was a record-breaking deal, until the next week when Bryce Harper penned his contract with the Phillies.

4. Alex Rodriguez $275 Million for 10 years


The saga of Alex Rodriguez’s trade from the Texas Rangers to the New York Yankees has been well documented of the years. When A-Rod was initially signed to the Yankees both parties agreed to $252 million dollars, which was the remaining amount of his contract from the Rangers. At the end of 2007, A-Rod wanted to renegotiate his contract for more money and new terms. After battling with the Yankee front office both parties came to an agreement of $275 million for 10 years in 2008.

5. Giancarlo Stanton $260-273 Million for 13 years

When the Miami Marlins signed Giancarlo Stanton for 13 years it seemed like he would be their Derek Jeter, a Marlin for life. But at the end of his 2017 MVP season, Stanton decided to waive his no-trade clause and look for a team he could help win the World Series. With new ownership looking to overhaul the entire organization Stanton was put on the trade market. During the winter meetings in 2017, it was announced that Stanton would be joining the already impressive line up of the Yankees. The Yankees absorbed Stanton’s contract. If he does not waive his current traded clause the Yankees are expected to pay Stanton at least $260 million for the next five to six years.

6. Anthony Rendon $245 Million for 7 years

After winning the World Series in 2019 with the Washington Nationals, Anthony Rendon reached the end of his contract. It was expected that the infielder wouldn’t be rejoining the club for the next season. A few teams were said to be pursuing the third baseman but with the bigger contracts of Gerrit Cole and Steven Strasburg capturing the attention of the news, the specifics of this deal were kept quiet until the ink had dried. Rendon signed to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for $245 million for seven-year with a no-trade clause and no opt-outs.

7. Albert Pulos $240 Million for 10 years

When he reached free agency in 2011 St. Louis Cardinals fans were hoping that Albert Pulos would stay with the club he had been with since his rookie year in 2001. To fans dismay, Pulos did not stay with the Cards, even though they had offered him a five-year deal. But Pulos felt he had more than five years to offer a team and headed for the West Coast to join the Angels for a $240 million. The year he was signed the Angels also called up Mike Trout creating a powerhouse duo for the club for years to come.

8. Robinson Cano $240 Million for 10 years


After helping the New York Yankees win their 27th World Series Robinson Cano was thought to become a career-long Yankee. After five all-star seasons with the Yankees Cano was offered a seven-year deal by the club but turned it down for a longer contract with the Seattle Mariners for 10 years and $240 million dollars. After several more all-star seasons with the Mariners Cano was suspended in 2018 for using performance-enhancing drugs and was traded to the New York Mets for the 2019 season.

9. David Price $217 Million for 7 years


David Price had been the Tampa Bay Rays ace for several years but after being traded to the Detriot Tigers and the Toronto Blue Jays baseball was left wondering where Price would land for the 2016 season. Ultimately the Red Sox decided to offer the pitcher $217 million for seven years. Fans were initially skeptical of how Price would perform given his previous outings during the postseason. However, Price did well in Boston and helped the Red Sox win a World Series in 2018. In February 2020, Price and Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts were traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

10. Prince Fielder $214 Million for 9 years


Prince Fielder was one of many sons following in their father’s footsteps of being Major Leauge Baseball players. In his career Fielder carved his own path with the Milwaukee Brewers. After several contract extensions with the Brewers and a World Series run Fielder reached free agency. The Detriot Tigers offered Fielder a $214 million contract for nine years. He accepted. But after a disappointing ALDS, the Tigers traded Fielder to the Texas Rangers where we would finish out his career.

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