WhiteBIT Token Buy

WhiteBIT is a young yet popular crypto exchange that operates in over 150 countries. The company is registered in Estonia and complies with all the regulator’s laws and requirements. It demands necessary registration and KYC verification if a user wants to access the full set of tools for trading. Not-registered users can only access spot trading with limited withdrawal amounts. Verification is a necessary part of all credible and legit crypto platforms. You will not have any chance to attach your bank card to your crypto wallet account if your personality is not verified and confirmed. It is a standard procedure for all large and reputable crypto platforms.

WhiteBIT offers over 400 trading pairs and the opportunity to proceed with crypto-fiat transactions. The exchange has recently issued its internal token – WBT, which is only traded on the WhiteBIT exchange but is planned to receive a listing on other large exchanges in a while. As of mid-September 2022, the WBT to USDT pair is traded at 5,69. However, the possibility that the WBT price will increase is pretty high.

Advantages of Buying WBT

The WBT token serves as a bridge between the WhiteBIT ecosystem and ecosystems of other products developed based on the WhiteBIT platform. Having WBT, investors receive access to all other products that operate together with WhiteBIT, thus, accessing more earning opportunities. New startups and blockchain platforms joining the WhiteBIT family will also access the WBT token and can use it to expand their work scope.

Those users who have WBT can:

  • receive discounts on trading fees on WhiteBIT;

  • access all other WhiteBIT products;

  • receive increased interest in the referral program.

And these are not all advantages of the WBT tokens. To learn more, go to the White Blog – the resource with loads of helpful information and articles on the crypto industry, trading guides, etc.

The WhiteBIT exchange is expanding and growing, so it is quite possible that when its token is listed on other popular exchanges, the WBT USDT value will significantly increase.

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