Kadyn Proctor Transfer Update: Ex-Alabama Offensive Lineman’s Potential Return

Once upon a time, college football had the craziest stories about players choosing their teams. Now, it’s all about the transfer portal and its own kind of wild tales.

Kadyn Proctor’s story is one for the books.

He was a top player who joined Alabama’s football team in 2023. As a new guy, he played in 14 games, learning a lot even when it was tough. This made him an important player for Alabama’s future games. Then, whispers started that he might leave for another team.

Proctor, an Iowa native, was tempted by the thought of playing closer to home. The Iowa team made sure they had enough money to make him consider the move. But Proctor’s switch to Iowa wasn’t easy. He accidentally mentioned that an Iowa coach texted him during the season. That’s a no-no called tampering, even if it was just a friendly message. Iowa had to tell on themselves to the college sports bosses for this mistake.

And now, Proctor is thinking about leaving again.

“The Athletic’s Scott Dochterman broke the news on Tuesday evening that Proctor is re-entering the transfer portal,” was the word on the street. Proctor himself said it was true on the internet and to On3 reporters.


Iowa’s football team was about to start practicing for the new season on Wednesday. Looks like they’ll be missing a big player. Proctor can’t officially move to a new team just yet. He has to wait until April 16th when the transfer portal opens again. It closes on April 30th, and players can only switch teams during this time, though they can pick where they’re going after it closes.

In the meantime, Proctor can still go to classes at Alabama. He can’t join the team practices for spring unless he figures out a loophole. But he’ll be allowed to play in the fall season no matter what.

Missing spring practice might be a setback for Proctor. He got to play last year, but he still has stuff to work on. Plus, Alabama’s coach, Kalen DeBoer, is teaching the team a new way to play. Proctor’s back-and-forth decisions might mess with his skills.

So Alabama is waiting to see what Proctor does next. Will he stick with his choice, or will Iowa find a way to keep him?

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