College Vs NBA 3-Point Line Distance Comparison

Last night, something amazing happened in college basketball. Jack Gohlke made ten three-point shots, helping his team win a big game.

“We’re not a Cinderella,” Jack Gohlke said after the game.

Jack Gohlke became a legend in just one game. He’s a master at three-pointers, and he proved it by only shooting from behind the arc. He made half of his twenty attempts, which is pretty awesome. This win was a huge deal for his team, the Golden Grizzlies.

Gohlke’s shooting was so good, it made people wonder. How far is the college three-point line compared to the pros? If Jack can shoot like this from farther away, maybe he could play in the NBA.

The college three-point line is a bit closer than the NBA’s. It’s 22 feet and a bit from the hoop, while the NBA’s is almost 24 feet. That might not seem like much, but it’s a big deal for shooters.


Some players shoot really close to the line to make it easier. But the best shooters, like Gohlke, they don’t need to. They can shoot from even farther away, just like the famous basketball player Stephen Curry does.

The three-point shot is super important in basketball today. It scores more points, so it’s a big deal. Maybe one day, the college game will move the line back even more, to be like the NBA.

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