Russell Wilson Reveals His Pencil And Eraser Bracket Strategy

Russell Wilson is a famous football player. He started playing college football at NC State before he became a big star in the NFL. Later, he moved to the University of Wisconsin.

Russell Wilson, now throwing touchdowns for the Pittsburgh Steelers, showed up to cheer on the NC Wolfpack. They won their game against the Oakland Golden Grizzlies, 79-73. It was a big night, and Russell was there, rooting for his first college team. But it’s kind of strange, isn’t it? He seems to cheer more for NC State than Wisconsin, the school he left for the NFL.

During Wisconsin’s important games, Russell was nowhere to be seen. They even made it to the finals of the Big Ten Tournament but lost to Illinois. And they didn’t do well in the March Madness tournament either. It’s funny; Wisconsin was the team he went to the Rose Bowl with, not NC State.

It’s like he waited to see which of his old teams would do better before showing his support. NC State made it to the Sweet 16, and suddenly, Russell’s all about the Wolfpack.

Sure, Russell went to both schools, so he can root for whoever he wants. But it’s odd to see him favor NC State so publicly. Usually, when you hear about Russell Wilson, it’s all about his time with the Badgers. Remember how he introduces himself on Sunday Night Football? “From a whole pack of Badgers.”

But let’s switch gears back to basketball. Wisconsin’s out of the running now. The Wolfpack, on the other hand, are on a roll with seven straight wins. They’re heading into the Sweet 16 with momentum. They’ll face either Colorado or Marquette next, and the winner of that game goes to the Elite Eight.

Everyone’s wondering if Russell will show up for the Sweet 16 game. And if the Wolfpack gets knocked out, will he switch back to being a Badger fan? We can only guess based on what he posts online. Let’s just cross our fingers that he doesn’t come up with some cheesy slogan for the ACC champs.

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