Kadyn Proctor Regrets Time with Iowa Offense

He made a big mistake. Kadyn Proctor, an Iowa native, transferred back home to play for Iowa. It was a decision that didn’t turn out well for him.

After flipping to Alabama late in his recruiting process, Proctor had a rocky first year on the Crimson Tide’s offensive line. Then, after losing the Rose Bowl and Nick Saban retiring, he panicked.

Two months with Kirk Ferentz’s program made him realize Iowa’s offense was still one of the worst in the Power Four. So, Proctor transferred back to Alabama with a “do not contact” label on his portal entry.

In an exclusive interview with 247Sports, Proctor detailed what happened after last season’s rough ending and his turbulent offseason. He admitted his mistake but questioned why he didn’t listen.

“I definitely regret it. It’s probably one of the worst decisions that I’ve made in my life. Because, looking back, I had so many people that cared for me here and were trying to tell me that this was the best place for me, and I really wasn’t thinking it through. I let Coach [Kalen] DeBoer and the staff talk to me, trying to convince me to stay, but I wasn’t really sitting there and listening to them. I was just so hell bent on going back home, no one was going to change my mind.”

Even his parents weren’t in favor of him transferring closer to home. They wanted him to stay put.

“Even my parents told me that, but they were like, ‘OK, you’re going to find out for yourself.’ And that’s exactly what happened. I gave them credit. I said, ‘You’re right.’ Nothing else I can do but say you’re right and I made a mistake.”

After coming to grips with his reality, Proctor apologized to Kalen DeBoer for ever doubting him. “I’m sorry for not hearing y’all out. I’m ready to get back and do everything for this team.”

It will be a different season for the Crimson Tide, but I am liking the DeBoer hire more and more now.

Kadyn Proctor owns up to his huge mistake of transferring to Iowa. Growing up just outside of Des Moines, it might have been a dream for him to play for the Hawkeyes. Ferentz has done a remarkable job of cultivating offensive linemen and tight ends throughout his legendary coaching career. Unfortunately, stubbornness and nepotism have rendered his offenses mostly putrid.

Could Proctor have had a nice finish to his college career at Iowa? Sure, but he would never be in a position to play for a national title again. Conference realignment and the Big Ten doing away with divisions hurt Iowa more than anyone. No longer can Ferentz raise empty-calorie nonsense banners after winning Big Ten West titles. Iowa is maybe the Big Ten’s sixth-best team right now.

While I do wish Proctor the best now that he is back at Alabama, I do wonder if he has the mental toughness to combat all the challenges that could be thrown his way in an even more competitive SEC. More importantly, this is a different Alabama team than last year’s. They are not a playoff lock, but will likely be one of four-to-six teams out of the SEC that may be getting in. Change has arrived.

All we can hope is Proctor’s return is well received by teammates and the new coaching staff in place.

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