Kirby Smart Gets Desired Bulletin-Board Material from Record Projection

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The last time Georgia lost two regular-season games was during COVID. Georgia will probably finish third in the SEC behind Ole Miss and Texas. The Dawgs are expected to lose to both teams. While Georgia’s schedule is tough, I believe they’re at least a one-loss team.

Crawford predicts Texas, new to the SEC, will win the league at 11-1. Their only loss? Texas A&M. Even though Mike Elko might improve the Aggies, trusting them to meet high expectations is like trusting a politician.

Georgia is tied for second place with Ole Miss, Tennessee, Alabama, and LSU. All five teams could make the expanded College Football Playoff. However, I see Georgia as the only lock among them.

Ole Miss comes close to Georgia’s level. Crawford has Missouri at 9-3, but I see Ole Miss as a high-end almost lock. This might annoy me, but Kirby Smart will use it to motivate his team.

Kirby Smart has all the fuel to light a fire and gaslight UGA to perfection.

Do you think Nick Saban’s other top proteges can beat Smart twice this year? Maybe Lane Kiffin matures enough to sneak one past Smart? Or perhaps Steve Sarkisian has the best team in the SEC in Texas’ first year?

Since COVID, Georgia has lost four games. Three were to Alabama, twice in the SEC Championship Game, and once to Florida in Jacksonville. They haven’t lost a home game since 2019 against South Carolina.

What I’m saying is, respect the best team in college football. The last time the Rebels mattered in Atlanta was in 1864. Picking Texas to win the SEC before they even play a game in the league is not a hill I’m willing to die on.

Right now, I have Georgia beating Texas in Atlanta. The Dawgs, Longhorns, Ole Miss, Missouri, and either Alabama or LSU will make the expanded playoff.

It may happen eventually, but I struggle to see a world where Smart loses to both Kiffin and Sarkisian.

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