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UGA Rejects Another Recruit for Social Media Behavior


As a collegiate athlete, you have to be extremely conscientious about your appearance on social media.  Fans, family, and children look up to you and follow your every move, but so do your coaches and administrators.  The University of Georgia Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt announced this weekend that he has dropped a player from UGA’s 2014 recruiting class based on the player’s concerning social media usage.

Richt refrained to identify the now ex recruit, but did speak vaguely about the incident.

Via the Atlanta Journal- Constitution:

“There’s guys that we drop from the recruiting process because of things that we may find out on a visit. They may come and one of our current players will say, ‘Coach, he’s not going to make it around here.’ Or we had one kid last year because of what he had on social media. He had some stuff on social media that we didn’t like.”

“We told (the kid and) we told his coach (that) we don’t condone that, and he was a guy who was already committed to Georgia. And he persisted. Well, actually he changed his (Twitter) handle and continued to do that kind of thing thinking we wouldn’t find out. And we found out about it, and we cut him.

This seems to be a growing trend with coaches lately, Penn State and offensive line coach Herb Hand also dropped a football recruit over his social media persona.



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