Patrick Ewing Donates $3.3 million To Georgetown

Patrick Ewing was known for his dominant inside presence during his four-year collegiate career at Georgetown University.  Now, the 52-year-old hall of famer is giving back to the program that provided him so much during his ascent to stardom.  Ewing will donate $3.3 million to the school in order to help fund the building of the John R. Thompson Jr. Intercollegiate Athletics facility.

The $60 million, 144,000 square foot complex will serve as a place for all 29 of the school’s sports program to practice and compete.  The 3.3 is meant to signify Ewing’s number 33 that he donned while a member of the Hoyas.  The building is set to begin construction this summer in hopes of being ready for use within the next year.  Ewing paired up with NBA agent David Falk to make the contribution to the university.

*Section Photo credit to Neil Redmon, Associated Press; Featured Photo (above) credit to Debby Wong, USA Today Sports