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Top Five Jerseys From 2013


With God’s favorite season quickly approaching; college football fans are getting fired up to see not only how their favorite teams will perform, but how good they will look doing it. Over the years we have seen trends become staples, from black out uniforms, to matte and chrome helmets, camo, and of course bowl game heaters.  Campus Sports is gonna break down the five coolest uniforms from last season, as well as our picks of best black out uni’s, and helmet designs.  So without further ado:

Top Five Overall

We thought about narrowing it down to strictly base uniforms, but that’s just boring. Whether it was a bowl uniform, alternate, or just new and unique, I’m ranking them here:

5. Army- Say what you want, but with Camo becoming a common theme in uni’s these days NO ONE does it like Army. Sure they rarely go anywhere, but no one looked better losing in 2013. Nike hit jackpot with the digital camo design and we feel it looked best in black with camo trim and pants, but the all over design ain’t too shabby either. Then they top it off with “Duty, Honor, Country” on the back. Salute and God Bless America.


4. University Of Missouri

When Nike does uniforms, they do them well. The Mizzou Tigers were no exception. They turned heads in the SEC for their play, and for their fashion. In 2013 the Tigers took the field and properly executed every hot trend in college football today. From the matte black helmet with the Tiger silhouette, to the perfectly executed grey look and the black jersey with yellow trim. Mizzou and Nike have something special and will continue to turn heads in 2014.


3. University of Cincinatti

The Bearcats got all the details right in 2014. The black alternate made by Adidas incorporated the under garments into the overall uniform look. As we have seen with this trend from other teams, this move can make or break the entire uniform. Cincy managed to develop a sleek look that perfectly complements the rest of the package. The scratch accent on the pants coupled with the Bearcats’ traditional helmets is a job well done. Cincy has always had solid uniforms, but 2013 was for sure a stand out.

NCAA Football: Temple at Cincinnati

2. University Of Maryland

The Terps are to Under Armor what the Oregon Ducks are to Nike. Sure they might make decent things for other teams, but the best of the best is reserved for the prized programs. Now UMD isn’t exactly synonymous with winning, but Maryland native Under Armor founder Kevin Plank continue to bless them anyway. In 2013 the Terps rocked the “Maryland 2.0” which proudly featured the MD flag throughout the jersey and helmet. Sick concept, and excellent execution for a state school whose flag pride is unparalleled . Unfortunately UMD will probably never get to see what Under Armor would bless them with in a bowl game any time soon.


1. University of Oregon

It should come as no surprise that the Ducks take the top spot. Nike is the undisputed king of sports apparel, and they consistently keep the ducks 10 steps ahead of the game. They debuted chrome helmets, integrated wings into shoulder pads, and introduced bold, bright color ways. Nobody, I repeat NOBODY does uniforms like Nike x Oregon. They’re Jordan & Pippen, Gretzky & Messier. Montana & Rice. They are a duo of legendary caliber. Kiss the ring of uniform King.

Oregon Jersey

Oregon #2

Oregon #3


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