FBS Teams to Pay FCS Opponents Sum of $12.8M

During the opening weekend of college football, fans across the country will tune in for the first looks at their favorite teams.  Some of the bigger FBS programs play host to smaller FCS schools and because the FBS teams don’t make the return trip the host schools will heavily compensate their FCS opponents.
Michigan and Nebraska will each pay $1 million to Appalachian State and FAU, respectively, for their week one matchups. Not far behind is Florida that will pay its opponent, Idaho, $975,000 for Saturday’s game at “The Swamp.”  The total payments from FBS to FCS schools are estimated at approximately $12.8 million.
The money exchanged is a major boost for the smaller programs that need all the fundraising they can get in order to operate at full capacity, and bridge the gap between the FCS and FBS.
*Section Photo credit to Eric Francis, Getty Images; Featured Photo (above) credit to James Brosher, South Bend Tribune