Say Hello To The Bad Guy

Say Hello To The Bad Guy


Throughout the history of sports there have been hero’s and villains. College football is no exception, there have been men who fit both roles perfectly. The most recent example of a hero villain combination is Texas A&M’s (arguably) most famous Aggie Johnny Football Manziel. Lets start with the hero side; the man is LOVED in Copus Christi for his freshman year. Johnny Football marched the Aggies into the SEC with veteran bravado, lead his team to a bowl game, won the Heisman, and probably his biggest accomplishment beat Bama when their shit legitimately didn’t stink. Now the fun side, most people hate Johnny because he unapologetically lived up to the kind of man every dude wanted to be in college. An average looking guy, who dominated at QB, and because of that could have any girl he wanted. Johnny didn’t have to play the good ol boy Tebow virgin route to win the Heisman either. No sir, Money Manziel partied with celebs, hit vegas casino’s after bowl games, and threw his daddy’s money around until he could legally claim his own.

johnny-football scooby Johnny-Football-Manziel-450x600 Johnny-Manziel-Drake-ESPYs

We love and hate villains, they are sort of a dark knight if you will. The city of gotham (college sports fans) love them when they win, especially when the dark knight is your school’s star QB. On the other hand, sometimes the city needs someone they can point to and say “that’s everything wrong with college sports, and society”. I for one never hated the kid, I was also a huge fan of Cam Newton as well. Remember when Cam had rumors circling him about Auburn droppin 250K to aquire the JuCo stud? Or what about the reports (police reports) that Cam stole a laptop while at University of Florida? The media painted him to be a menace, and for good reason. Then Mr. Newton stepped on the grid iron and played like Zeus himself,  leading the Tigers to a perfect season. Not even Aurburns most racist red neck fan could deny the man was a Hero and overall campus king. Especially after raising that crystal football over his head shortly after New Years in 2011. Whether or not all the accusations were true, when you win it doesn’t matter.

cam newton


Now loyal CSN fans, this is where you come in. This is just the tip of the ice berg, check back every Tuesday for talks and debates. College football’s best villains over the ages is a topic that can never get old. Talk to us in the comment section, share thoughts, nominate other players to be in the discussion, I want to see it all. has you covered.