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Flight of the Eagle


WAAAARRR EAGLE! HEY! The famous chant that all students around Auburn yell before the eagle comes down the field to start the game. Also side note, Auburn does not have two mascots like everyone thinks they do. There is the War Eagle chant and there is Aubie the Tiger who is the actualmascot. This can be confusing, but Auburn fans can easily explain the situation clearly to the outside fan base.

This is one of the oldest and greatest traditions in college football history. As a previous Auburn student, I enjoyed the exhilarating atmosphere that the flight of the eagle brought. All my fellow students in blue and orange around me would yell WAAAR!!! as the eagle flew around the stadium in all of his glory. And then after the eagle landed back onto the field, you would hear a huge HEY!!!!! that would emphasize that it is time for some Auburn football! Nothing brought more excitement to the beginning of a game in Jordan-Hare than the Flight of the Eagle.

This experience always made me feel closer to my fellow Auburn students because of the energy it brought. It brings everyone to his or her feet and gets the crowd excited before the game even starts. There are not too many schools that can beat this tradition. I believe that having pre game traditions makes the game day experience even better for the fans. Because at the end of the day the fans want to be a part of something that makes them feel alive at the game. And that is what the eagle coming down on the field does for the Auburn fans.

*Section Photo and Featured Photo (above) credit to Auburn University Photographic Services


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