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Name something that puts a smile on a college bro’s face when he’s at the peak of tailgating festivities just before entering the stadium. Easy right? Now if that reason was free food & alcohol upon arrival to his seat, yes that too is a valid answer. However I was referring to the gymnast, acrobat, beauty Queen hybrids in uniform on the field. Those talented women whose sole job is to be smoking hot, athletic and keep the crowd in the game while the gladiators aren’t dominating the grid iron.

Now that we’re on the topic, the next obvious question is what school has the hottest cheer squads? It’s a scientific fact that places with sun and great weather have better females, which basically means schools in the south and the west coast have a natural advantage, so show the south and west side some love, shall we?

This list has no specific order, it’s simply an excuse to admire these ladies for their dedication to being hot, loud and athletic. Without further distraction, I present some of last season’s top cheerleaders:

oregon 4 Oregon-Ducks-Cheerleader-Instagram-Photo-033 oregon-ducks-cheerleader-with-puddles2

LSU 1 LSU-Cheerleaders 2014

tcu-cheer-jpg_7783 TCU kick tcuu

kelly-dance-team ucla-cheerleaders-benefit

Wasn’t going to bore you with too many words on this one, check back here Wednesdays for weekly cheer leader spot lights (perfect 10’s only) as well as campus standouts (with IG names attached). Recommendations and submissions can be sent to lemon@facebook.com/freniklabs/timeline


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