The Most Unique Bar in Athens

WonderBar is a new bar in Athens where geeks and nerds alike can participate in playing video games.  As a geek myself, this is one of my top bars to go into. There is a N64 set up at the bar where people can play their favorite retro games. These games include classics such as “Mario Kart” and “Super Smash Brothers.” Drinking and playing games together can create friendship bonds quickly. This is what makes WonderBar more exciting than anything else because of the awesome mix that it brings to the Athens bar scene.   There are also other games such as Pacman, Galaga, Mortal Kombat and Mrs. Pacman that people can play. With this kind of set up, it is surprising that this concept has not been thought of sooner. In addition, it is easy to understand why this bar would be the most unique in Athens.

There is also variety of drinks that a person can get at WonderBar. This includes the Cap’n’Crunch shot, the “Game of Thrones” themed beer and the Totino’s pizza rolls shot to name a few of the drinks that are offered. It is surprising that no one has thought of this awesome concept. Think about it. A person can eat, drink, and game at the same time, while at a bar! It allows the frequent bar goer to meet people who love to drink and game. That is hard to find nowadays, so WonderBar is a terrific place for that to happen.

Multiple students have said that they enjoy the bar because they can get to experience vintage games, while drinking.

Peyton Davis is the owner of WonderBar and it seems that he has found a niche that has not been fulfilled yet. According to sources from WonderBar, Davis plans to connect a Xbox One and PS3 to the mix of the gaming systems offered. This will provide more interest to the bar and bring more

WonderBar will resume to gain interest in the Athens bar scene and it should stay as the most unique bar in Athens for a long time to come.

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