Ringing the UGA Church Bell

One of the first things that a person is shown on the UGA campus tour is the church bell. This church bell has one of the richest histories in Athens Georgia. After a successful test or a victory at Sanford Stadium, students will go to ring the church bell. The bell signifies that a great accomplishment has been met and that is what makes it so special.

“This is one of the most exhilarating experiences for me as an UGA student” says Senior Austin Durnwald.

The history behind the church bell dates back to 1800s. In 1823, the Chapel was built at the cost of 15,000 in order to build a chapel for the University’s needs. It was not until 1923, when they decided to move the bell to the location that it is in now.

Now that you have some background on the church bell we can talk about the excitement it brings to campus. The church bell is one of the greatest sounds to hear. UGA fans everywhere can hear the gratifying ringing of the church bell throughout the campus. It brings an extra burst of energy to the campus that solidifies the win of a great game. The atmosphere increases and you can feel the school spirit trickling through the air. I feel that the church bell brings the liveliness of how much excitement the ending results of the game are. There is not too many traditions on a school campus that allow for fans to express themselves through ringing a bell over a sweet victory!

When I first rang the bell I felt amazing ringing it. I rang it for so long they kind of got upset with me for continuing to do it.

So next time you are in Athens, make sure to check out the church bell because it is one of the greatest traditions at the University of Georgia.


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