Sanford Stadium

Sanford Stadium. These two words hold a lot of weight in the realm of college football. This majestic stadium can reach the capacity of 92,746, which makes it the fifth largest on-campus stadium in the country. In addition, Sanford Stadium is also the largest stadium in the entire state of Georgia. Despite these incredible statistics that Sanford Stadium has there is more to it then the facts.

When you enter the stadium as a UGA fan you are hit with the electricity of excitement to watch the Dawgs. The stands are flooded with red and black apparel from top to bottom. The fans are amped and ready to cheer for their Dawgs with passion. The girls look beautiful in their sundresses and the guys are looking top notch in their finest apparels. There is truly no greater experience in the SEC. Bulldog fan or not, you are completely immersed in the school spirit of UGA and immediately fall in the love with the stadium.

I remember LSU vs. Georgia game last year and that was one of the most exciting games I have ever been at. The stadium was filled with so much energy! Honestly, I felt like an earthquake was coming after we beat LSU in an astonishing fashion. That was one of the best atmospheres that I could ever ask to be a part of and I will always remember that game. There is no better experience than the one that I had with that LSU game.

I have been to multiple stadiums in college football, and I would have to personally say that Sanford Stadium trumps them all. There is not a more beautiful site in the world than being in the sea of red and black yelling Go Dawgs!!! at the top of your lungs every Saturday.

Ringing the UGA Church Bell
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