Rolling of the Trees

I know some of you readers out there have done junior senior wars. You would roll other peoples houses and run away cheering at your victory. However, the fun that you had with those wars is nothing in comparison to the Auburn tradition of tree rolling.

When the Auburn Tigers win a game every single fan gets their toilet paper prepared to roll the Toomer’s trees. Before Harvey Updyke poisoned the trees, they were oak trees that encompassed Toomer’s Corner. It was exciting to see fans throwing toilet paper to roll a tree to make it look all white from its original green color.

Seeing the Auburn fans throwing their choice of toilet paper onto the trees is a beautiful site to see. It is a great experience to be a part of. to throw toilet paper on trees without any legal consequences. Once the frenzied Auburn fans have thrown their select amount of toilet paper the oak trees become engulfed with a new shade of white. Auburn looks similar to a winter land in a Christmas movie after the dust settles.

Senior Kevin Schultz had this to say about his experiences with the rolling of the tree.

“There is nothing else like this unique tradition. There is no better feeling than meeting the whole Auburn family downtown rolling Toomer’s Corner after a big win. Even if you’re not an auburn fan, I would encourage people to join at least once. This is something you have to experience in person,” Schultz said.

When I was applying to schools, this is one of the traditions that helped me decide to choose Auburn. To be around the Auburn family and to bond during such an uplifting event is remarkable to experience. There are not too many events that bring a fan base closer than this does. I made quite a few friends throwing the toilet paper on the glorious oak trees on Toomer’s Corner. Family and friends see this a commemorative event that will be cherished for centuries to come.

It is sad that this tradition will never be able to be experienced again by any Auburn fans in the near future. However, I and other Auburn fans will never forget the memories and bonds we created participating each year. As Auburn fans, we will never forget the Oak Trees of Toomer’s Corner.


*Section Photo credit to Auburn Magazine; Featured Photo (above) credit to Robert Donovan 

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