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Flanagan’s: A History of Tradition


When it comes to tradition and a bar that has outlasted them all, only one name comes to mind and that would be Flanagan’s. Flanagan’s, or Flans has been around since 1999 and is one of the most long-standing bars in Athens. This bar is more of a game day bar as in contrast to Whiskey Bent, which is more of an electrifying bar. Playboy has even mentioned it as one of the best game day bars in the country.

The owner of Flanagan’s, Jason Leonard, had this to say about the tradition of Flanagan’s, “You really cannot beat the tradition and legacy that Flanagan’s brings to Athens. Many celebrities have been in here such as Champ Bailey, Big Boi, Larry the Cable Guy, and Andrew Jones. It is a honor for us to be able to host big names such as these.”

Now when talking about the crowd at Flans, it can be described as a melting pot. All types of Greek life, athletes, and GDI’s come together to have a exciting time at Flans.  The unique mix of people bring a great crowd every night, because no one feels excluded from the bar. There are a variety of drinks to enjoy at Flans, that personally sometimes I do not know which one to chose! However, my personal favorite would have to be the Super Irish Carbomb. Two pints of Guinness, three shots of whiskey, and three shots Irish cream is a sure way to get your night started right!

So if you are a student at the University of Georgia or in town for game day, do not hesitate to stop by one of the best game day bars in Athens!


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