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Opening Week Jersey Heat
Football is good? All the Time! All the time? Football is good! This is the sentiment of millions of Americans across this great nation as our favorite past time (kick rocks baseball) is back in action. Now in the opening week of most schedules, top teams are playing the fluff of their division, leaving fans with minimal excitement outside of “ Damn its good to see football back.” Lucky for us this season, some schools decided to come out super fresh with new uniforms. In the 2013 wrap up I know I placed Oregon #1 and most anticipated in 2014; but boy oh boy did the ACC show out in week 1.

5. Miami Hurricanes

It’s all about the U! Now as dope are the jerseys were (Nike always flexes, we know that) it was all about the green helmets. The Hurricanes came out storming in with a new design on the lid, stepping away from the traditional white helmets. Nike provided The U with three other alternates, but I think these helmets need to become the official go–to instead of the original.
UM w1-1

4.Florida State Seminoles

Fans may not like the defending national champs’ new ‘Noles logo, but they have to like the new threads for 2014.. King Jameis and the Seminoles came out in white hot flames for their season opener. The tribal detail on the shoulders and around the neck were perfectly executed (Nike again). They shed their classic tomahawk stickers earned for laying the wood or making big plays on offense in lieu of a sleek golden dome with the spears on the side. The helmets also help set off the gold numbers with red trim, keeping it simple with white pants.
FSU w1-1

3. UNC Tar Heels

Short and sweet here. Simple design with one of the best signature colors in all of college sports. Who else wears North Carolina blue? Nobody, because that color belongs to the Tar Heels. NC blue with the black trim, especially on the helmets gave UNC some points. If swag points were added to the score board then the Tar Heels would have won by more than four points in the season opener. Expect to see this team on the list again when they do the black out unis, top notch style there.

2. Baylor Bears

Sometimes simplicity gets you a long way. Matte black helmets, green & gold jerseys, black pants. Done. Oh yea, and Nike. All about Nike.
NCAA Football: Southern Methodist at Baylor

1. Louisville Cardinals

Louisville lost the game, but they won the style war. Rocking the Adidas grays with custom helmets? Lets focus on the helmets, what a design; multiple colors incorporated, light chrome mixed in, and a perfect Cardinal. Well done gents.

Miami v Louisville

Feature Photo Credit: Adidas





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