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On the Rocks: Home of the Athens “Power Hour”


Downtown Athens is a wonderful place that encompasses over 90 bars, which makes it one of the most exciting college nightlife scenes in the country. Because of the established nightlife spots in Athens, it is difficult for bars to make a name for themselves. However, On the Rocks has made a huge impact on the Athens nightlife despite being a small bar.

On the Rocks, or simply called OTR, has made a name themselves by becoming the Athens “Power Hour” bar. From 8-11 everyday, OTR serves $1 well drinks for all UGA students to enjoy. This is certainly an opportunity that you do not want to pass up.  There is no excuse as to why you would not want be at OTR every night to pregame before the nights festivities. In addition, each bartender has their own signature drink that they like to make if you wanted to things more interesting. I dare you to find a better deal every night at a bar that is offering $1 wells to their students.

Kelsey, who is a bartender at OTR, had this to say about the Athens “Power Hour”, “Things start to get real rowdy around 10:58 and people order like 3 or 4 drinks for themselves to savor for the last couple minutes of $1 drinks and to have when drink prices go back to normal.”

Their “Power Hour” is not the only thing that makes them special. They have a signature drink called a Moon Bomb. The drink has been a hit at the bar since the time it opened up. This wonderful drink is when a beer meets a shot for a good wheat taste topped with an orange slice. This a drink I would not want to miss out on if I came to Athens, and I am even debating going out tonight and grabbing one myself

The crowd at OTR includes a variety of Greek life and athletes. It is not specifically tied to one fraternity or sorority or to “old row” or “new row.” All different groups of people come into OTR, which makes it a fun and unique environment to be a part of. Everyone comes to have a good time and nobody feels excluded due to such a welcoming environment.

With $1 wells, signature drinks called Moon Bombs and signature drinks from bartenders there is no reason as to why as a University of Georgia student you are not going to OTR which is the best Athens “Power Hour” that you can get.





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