Week 2 Top Threads

Week 2 Threads
Week two what it do! It feels so good knowing exactly what I’m doing every Saturday afternoon for the next four months. Opening weekend had quite a few fashion forward jerseys last week. In week two we saw a chrome dome original show us how its done, an unlikely traditional team making the list, as well an Adidas uniform taking the number one slot.

Notre Dame

Didn’t see that one coming did you? You don’t need a fancy new uniform every year to come out on top of a uniform list. Sometimes you need that Notre Dame Golden helmet and matching pants with those blue jersey’s baby. Who didn’t like Rudy? Everybody loves that movie, you have to respect the ND color scheme. Not to mention they flexed a 31-0 win to end their rivalry with Michigan and did it in their traditional garments.


Gold chrome lids are just sick, no other way to slice it. Sometimes all you need is a fire helmet to set off an entire uniform. Baylor is the only school who can challenge Baylor with the gold chrome domes. In week to although they lost the game, they won by 1000 in style points. That’s a big deal when competing with under armors favorite fashion child.

NC State

Is it just me or is Adidas selling the same design to multiple teams? Although Im sure I’ve seen this Jersey style on Louisville last week, and Cincy last year; the Wolf Pack clearly did it best. If we were doing a helmet match up They would be front runners for the best in 2014 (Followed by Louiville)

That’s the show this week folks, keep an eye out for anything you feel I may have missed. Comment, share and follow us- IG: @campussportsnet [email protected] campussportsnet

Twirl on Miranda, Twirl on
Twirl on Miranda, Twirl on